Overwatch Genji tips

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Genji might not be the easiest hero to pick up, and definetly not the most liked. In fact, the community might consider him rather useless and pathetic. But gamespedition is here to change your thoughts about Genji and make you a better Genji player. First of all, lay off the dash now would you? After dashing, you got nothing else to do, so leave it for the time of purpose, not for finessing and showing off. Genji is powerful when attacking from surprising positions so explore the maps and figure out positions from where you can strike and cause the most damage for your opponents. And remember – don’t go in to the front lines. You don’t stand a chance head on against some opponents, but when you arrive in time you can be a sneaky bastard and grab all the kills and cause a lot of rage and maybe even discontent amongst your enemies.

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