CS:GO: 5 Best Aim Training Maps Determined

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The key to a successful CS:GO gameplay lies in a combination of many factors. An gamer must have excellent communication skills and high stress resistance, be able to make decisions in a split second, and much, much more. However, the most important and basic skill in CS:GO is obviously shooting. Of course, over the ten-year history of the shooter, enthusiasts have created thousands of different maps for aim training. The best of them are in our selection.

Aim Botz

Aim Botz is the most popular CS:GO aim training map on the Steam Workshop, and it is not for nothing. This is probably the most versatile map for shooting practice, and the reason for this lies in its super-rich settings menu.

All necessary setups are available to users. Do you want to shoot at motionless bots at a short distance? You are welcome. Want to increase the distance and add objects that prevent you from hitting the bots? No problem. Want to practice speed shooting? It's easy: run a special timer and go ahead (by the way, thanks to this timer, you can track your results compared to other gamers around the world). Due to its functionality, the map is ideal for both warming up before playing in CS:GO tournaments and learning to shoot from scratch.

Fast Aim/Reflex Training

It’s not so versatile, but no less useful map for aim training. The mechanics is as simple as possible: the player is in the middle of the location, and bots are moving in their direction from four sides. In addition, there are different stairs and square objects scattered around the map that change the height of the bot model or cover its body, leaving only the head open.

The main purpose of this map is to help you learn how to shoot at moving opponents. The ability to quickly target a motionless bot, which you can develop on some less functional maps, is an essential skill, but your opponents will hardly stand still in real matches.


This is another awesome map for training both aim and spray. The location offers five exercises, from dot reflex shooting to spray control. The map is divided into four levels – the higher the level, the further the player is located from the targets. Training_aim_csgo2 will help you improve flick shots (shots that require sharp aiming at an opponent) and spray. It is very important for CS:GO players to understand that no one can succeed without working on the shooting techniques. And most shootouts in Counter-Strike eventually come down to spray, so you should not leave this skill unattended.

Training Center

This is an amazing map for more experienced CS:GO players. The location is divided into five zones, in each of which you can hone different skills. In addition to the standard spray training exercises and shooting at moving bots at different distances, the Training Center offers more specific tasks. For example, the map is great for training snipers – in one of the zones, the player needs to hit bots that run past double doors (similar to those on Dust2).

Aim: Warmup

This is a good map to warm up before official e-sport matches or matchmaking games. Similar to Fast Aim/Reflex Training, the player is located in the middle of the map with bots around them. The difference is that on Aim: Warmup, the opponents do not move towards the player but are placed on special podiums, randomly moving left and right and up and down. The essence of such training is to learn how to react to the opponent's movement during a shootout. After all, experienced players endlessly “strafe” (sharply move left and right) and crouch to avoid hits on the head.

How Many Kills to Do on Training Maps in CS:GO?

There are shooting fans who talk about 5 000 and even 10 000 kills a day. But training, especially if it is a warm-up before matches, should not exhaust the player. The best option is to shoot 400 kills with AK-47/M4A4 and 100 kills with any pistol. Of course, if we are talking about novice players, it may be difficult for them to shoot such a number of frags, so they can reduce this amount to 100 and 50 kills, respectively.

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