5 Best Knife Skins in CS:GO and Their Estimated Value

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As the Counter-Strike franchise continues to deliver groundbreaking titles, it seems like the game will never stop entertaining us.

The latest release in the game’s franchise, Global Offensive, set the new standards that future games should build upon if they want ever to stand a chance of reaching its success.

CS:GO incorporated many great new features to the gameplay, and now, the game can compete with any AAA FPS on the market. 

What’s new in the game of Counter-Strike that’s so appealing? 

Weapon skins are a great new feature that re-invented the whole franchise and brought it to a modern era. After finding a great list of the cheapest CS:GO knives, we couldn’t resist but making a list of our own.

Our list will not cover the cheapest, but the best and the most expensive knives in CS:GO desired by many.

Why Are Knife Skins So Prized in CS:GO?

Human psyche works in mysterious ways, and that’s wonderful. There’s something funny about us that makes us want the stuff that we can’t have, or they’re hard to get. 

The same goes with CS:GO knives. 

As you might have guessed, getting knives in Counter-Strike is very hard and takes a lot of time and resources to win them.

CS:GO’s loot system will let you craft any weapon skin with card drops, except the knives. The only way of getting a knife in CS is by opening the cases. To achieve that, you’ll need to open many of them as the chances of getting a knife are very slim.

Because they’re so hard to get, knives are very desirable among the players. 

How Do I Get Them?

You can acquire a good knife only in three different ways. Those are getting them from cases, buying them online, or getting them from friends or strangers.

Well, pretty much you can forget about just getting it from anyone and only rely on being lucky when opening a case or buying it in online shops.

Our advice is if you want one that much and you have some extra cash to spare, the better solution is to buy it rather than waiting for a case that will bring you good fortune.

As mentioned above, chances for getting one in a case are very slim but not impossible.

If you want to stay patient, you can grind through many hours of playing until you get lucky and open a case that will surprise you in the best way possible - with a valuable knife skin.

The List of Most Expensive Knives

Now the sweetest part, talking about the best knives the money can buy. 

We did some research, and here’s what we got. 

  1. StatTrack M9 Bayonet Crimson Web-Factory New

We start with one of the most desirable knife skins in the game. M9 Bayonet is already an established name in the knife market. 

However, the new skin design Crimson Web Factory New is a fresh release and exciting for players across the board. The knife with this skin has an estimated worth of around $3500+. 

  1. StatTrack Karambit Crimson Web Factory New

The second on our list is a knife skin whose estimated value is around $10000. If you want to own this curved blade knife in CS:GO, you’ll really need to dish out some cash.

As with the previous knife on our list, the Crimson Web Factory New skin holds the same features that make it desirable. The knife’s rarity is insanely big, and you’ll have a hard time getting it by opening the cases. 

  1. Karambit Case Hardened

The knife that’s also known as the Blue Gem is the next on our list. The rarity of this skin makes the knife’s price range vary from $1500 to $10000. 

It’s hard to make a precise estimate because this knife is in high-demand, and as soon as one pops up for sale, no one hesitates to cash out the asking price.

  1. StatTrack Talon Knife Dopler Sapphire

Another StatTrack version of the knife, with an estimated around $7000 worth, is one of the player’s favorites, and it’s in high demand. 

The exact price will vary depending on the choice of the wear. If you choose the skin with a light wear tone, the price will be higher. 

  1. StatTrack Butterfly Knife Doppler Sapphire

The last knife on our list has an estimated value of more than $13000 if you choose the version with minimal wear.

The players love having the butterfly knife in their inventory, and this being one of the rarest, makes it one of the most valued in the Steam market or any other sites. To own one, you’ll have to break the bank and cash out some serious money.

What Are the Odds of Getting These Skins?

If you prefer being lucky and wait to get a knife from opening a case, you might as well know your chances. 

The chances you’ll receive a knife from opening cases is somewhere around 0.2%. That means you’ll need to open around 400 of them only to receive a coveted knife.

As the rarity of the knives increase, so are your odds as well. For some of the rarest knife skins, you’ll have to open more than 50000 cases to get one. 

The odds don’t work in your favor, so it’s better if you cash out and get one immediately.


We hope that you got a glimpse into how much effort you’ll have to make if you want to own some of the most desirable and valuable knife skins in CS:GO.

Don’t let this discourage you, as you still have a chance of winning one through hard work and dedicating yourself to grinding while playing this great game. 

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