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For Honor factions each have four heroes to represent them. There are are assassins, vanguard, heavy and hybrid heroes. Each hero while bearing specific traits that are common for that type of warrior (assassins in all factions have similar traits for example), also has some unique characteristics and different weapons at their disposal.

For Honor: Vikings

The Raiders are vanguard type For Honor Viking heroes. The Raiders carry around a long axe which allows high-damage attacks. Special attacks include Stun Attacks and Throws. The Raiders are really badass looking heroes that will be found in the center of all trouble.

The Warlords are the heavies of the Viking class. The Warlords feature short ranged attacks and counter-attacking a lot. Their special attack includes Unblockable Headbutt, which is kinda cool to begin with. The Warlords fight with the Gladius and shield in their hands. They are the leaders of The Vikings faction.

The Berserkers are the assassins of Viking faction. The Berserkers will harass their opponents and kill them with short-ranged fast attacks. They have Deflect Ability in their arsenal. The Berserkers wield two Hand Axes and spill blood easily with both of them.

The Valkyries are hybrid Viking heroes. They are adaptive fighters that can take down opponents easily. The Valkyries fight with a spear and shield (the shield can be used to attack as well).

For Honor: Knights

The Wardens have a good balance between offence and defence. Their weapon is a two-handed longsword. The Wardens are easy to play, they have a lot of basic techniques to display and a few special capabilities like the Unblockable Shoulder-Bash Attack. The Wardens belong to Vanguard heroes type.

The Conquerors are defensive and will try to drain their opponent's stamina. They carry a flail around which does a good job showing The Conquerors as true badasses. The Conquerors are well-armoured and focus on defence, their special capabilities include Unblockable Shield-Based Attacks. The Conquerors are heavy heroes type.

The Peacekeepers are very fast warriors with high mobility. They use sword and dagger, and that makes them good at counter-attacking however provides with rather short attack range. The Peacekeepers’ special capabilities include Deflect Ability and ability to cause Bleed Damage using a dagger. The Peacekeepers are assassins within the Knight faction.

The Lawbringers are the ones that look truly badass. They are like walking set of impregnable armour that terrifies the enemies. The Lawbringers use a poleaxe as their weapon. The poleaxe bearing a spike on top is a very universal mean to cut some heads as well as stab some hearts. The Lawbringers’ special capabilities are ability to cause Stun and keeping enemies Off-Balance. The Lawbringers are hybrid type heroes.

For Honor: Samurai

The Kensei are slower samurai than the rest but feature a longer attack range. The Kensei are Vanguard type heroes that have a good balance between offensive and defensive abilities. They fight with a Nodachi in their hands. The Nodachi is an improved version of a traditional katana and require strength and skills to wield. The Kenseis’ special capabilities include unblockable high heavy attacks it is also easy to initiate chain attacks.

The Shugoki are heavy heroes. They are slow, yes, but their strength is unbelievable. The Shugoki have several special abilities that include Passive Uninterruptible Stance and Charging Heavy Attacks. The Shugoki walk around carrying the Kanabo, it’s a giant club and it would be stupid not to be afraid of a Kanabo in the strong hands of a trained samurai.

The Orochi serve as the assassins in the Samurai faction. The Orochi are good at counter-attacking, they speciality is fast light attacks, they also have deflect abilities. They carry around a Katana as a weapon and it serves The Orochi well.

The Nobushi are hybrid heroes. They look elegant but are one of the deadliest characters in For Honor. The Nobushi fight with Naginata - a weapon that allows them to have a really long attack range.

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