For Honor Factions and Hero Types

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In For Honor each faction has it’s dedicated warriors that are the best to represent the beliefs of the faction. Every warrior in For Honor has a unique fighting style. The hero you choose to play as will have a set of attacks and moves that are specific to the character. Each faction has 4 heroes representing it.

Each For Honor faction has four heroes. Those heroes can be categorized into types by their specifics and abilities on the battlefield. There are 4 hero types in each faction of For Honor. Assassins, vanguards, hybrids and heavies. These types of for honor heroes have specific characteristics that are the defining feature of the heroes.

Assassins are good at offence and evasion. Not too proud of their defensive abilities though. The three factions have one assassin hero type each.Assassin heroes are: Orochi (Samurai), Berserker (Viking), Peacekeeper (Knight).

Vanguard heroes have balance between their offensive and defensive abilities. Vanguards are adaptive warriors and can be useful in many different situations and roles. Vanguard heroes are: Warden (Knight), Raider (Viking), Kensei (Samurai).

Heavy heroes are born to survive. They are resistant and can most certainly hold their ground. Heavies focus on their defence of course and they are hard to fight because of their strength and armor. Heavy heroes are: Conquerer (Knight), Shugoki (Samurai), Warlord (Viking).

Hybrids have characteristics of all three hero types. They are hard to control but incredibly dangerous fighters once you master the peculiarities. Hybrid heroes are: Lawbringer (Knight), Nobushi (Samurai), Valkyrie (Viking).

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