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Dishonored is probably the most unusual game which features assassins. The thing is that you don’t have to kill anyone to successfully pass the game! Achievement Clean Hands requires from you to avoid kills at all. But in this guide, we will cover another achievement called Ghost and stealth strategy. If you want to remain undetected during all the game just follow our tips and advice of developers.

1. Save often

The game is challenging, trust us. It will alert guards at the most inopportune moment, force you to kill enemy and ruin all stealth strategy at all. Developers are pretty cute guys which allow you to save every time you are not in a battle or cutscene. If you want to finish the game without detections save every time you can! Especially, it’s a valuable advice for important missions and areas where can be a lot of enemies.

The main idea: save often, very often.

2. Use Blink and Possession

At all, you should choose supernatural skills wisely. Some of them like Devouring Swarm are totally useless for non-lethal and stealth strategy. Others like Blink and Possession are your best friends. Upgrade Blink as soon as possible, because it lets you teleport silently. Use Blink to go behind an enemy, to reach inaccessible balcony or hide from a chase. Possession is another cool power to run away. With it, you can gain control of animal or human.

The main idea: upgrade Blink and Possession firstly.

3. Explore everything

This advice is suitable for all playthroughs, but stealth strategy has its own features. There are a lot of hidden ways and rooms in the game as well as two or more options to complete each mission. Explore locations to find the most suitable for you way. It’s cool idea to think several times. The most obvious way is always the most bloody. Look around, search new ways, move through sewers or roofs and think outside of the box!

The main idea: look for alternative variants of playthrough.

4. Avoid alerts

It’s a quite obvious advice, however. Each alert ruins your Ghost progress and stealth strategy. Don’t be risky and hide carefully. Remember that every single guard can alert his mates and catch you. During our game, we kill a single enemy and throw him off a cliff. Well, he screamed loudly and alerted the whole garrison of a castle! If you want to be stealth man, but don’t follow the totally non-lethal way it’s accepted to guards from distance. Or just use sleep bolts!

The main idea: be careful and don’t alert even single foe.

5. Parry attacks and run

To reveal all features of the game you want to use its potential. Look, even if you follow stealth strategy it’s useful to learn battle skills and different moves. Here is a hint for parrying attacks: press the block button just in the moment of enemy’s attack. That method will protect you from the fatal wound and unbalance your foe. Don’t forget to run and use Blink in tough situations. And crawl always as it’s the most useful movement for stealth strategy!

The main idea: block an attack in the moment of a hit, run, Blink and crawl.

6. Hide bodies correctly

As you are chasing Clean Hands achievement you will not kill anyone. But guards often stay in key areas so you should immobilize them. Crawl from behind and strangle enemies, use sleep bolts, stun guards etc. It’s not so hard, but don’t forget about bodies! Find a safe place where other patrols will not see a body and predatory rats will not get it. Hidden rooms, dry sealed basements, ventilation and cleaned from hostiles areas are good places.

The main idea: hide unconscious bodies in safe places.

7. Wait for mana

Mana is your main resource which you spend on abilities. Blink is pretty cheap skill when others can be expensive. The good news is that mana regenerates slowly by itself. So plan using your powers to always have a reserve of mana. There is another good skill called Dark Vision which allows you to see enemies through walls. Activate it regularly to always know where guards are but don’t forget about mana drain.

The main idea: let your mana regenerate and always have a reserve.

8. Have patience

Now let’s talk about psychic aspects, not game mechanics. Stealth actions and RPGs are challenging for your brain. You should plan your way through entire location without being even noticed. It’s pretty hard and requires a lot of patience. Be slow and consistent, overhear conversations and watch out for enemies’ routes. And we will recall our first tip: save more! We are not machines and the game literally is. So we can be wrong and the game cannot.

9. Follow your way

We want to tell you about game style once more. Despite low intellect of programmed enemies, the game itself is wise. It will force you to kill a single guard in a vulnerable position or run through a short empty corridor. But this guard will quickly alert others and corridor will turn into an obstacle course full of traps and robots. Don’t believe the game and follow your way. Always pay attention to suspicious episodes, persons, and ways.

The main idea: be stealthy and prepare for game’s tricks.

The best tips for Ghost achievement

Let’s sum up all advice and discover how to earn Ghost trophy in all missions:

  • Save every time you can do it. Save in different slots to have several checkpoints;
  • Use sleep bolts to silently take down enemies. Hide their bodies carefully;
  • Use lethal attacks if there are no other ways, but be sure you are not detected;
  • Lean and crawl to explore locations staying in shadows;
  • Explore and look for less obvious ways.

And be ready to replay several episodes again and again if you really want to achieve totally non-detected status!

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