Why Cruise Ship Casinos are Great

When it comes to casinos onboard cruise ships, you won't be disappointed. Regardless of the cruise company you set sail with, you're likely to find a fun and extremely well-thought-out onboard casino, with the likes of Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian all housing casinos on many of their fleet. The casino is likely to be found in the centre of the vessel in the ship's busiest area, as it is located in the position most accessible to the people on board. Let's take a look at some of the things that make cruise ship casinos awesome fun.

They pack all of the features you would expect at a land-based casino. 

Whether you're into slots or traditional casino games like roulette or poker, you will find what you're looking for onboard your cruise. You will find everything from craps tables to baccarat, and some ships even have their own version of lotto draws and scratch cards. The casino's décor varies from ship-to-ship and often incorporates aesthetics that are in-keeping with the theme of the cruise, or perhaps the destinations it is heading to. All in all, other that the slightly smaller size, you may well forget you're on a ship when you head to the onboard casino.

Gambling on a cruise ship is accessible. 

When it comes to gambling on a cruise ship, it is a lot more accessible to a wider range of players than it is on land-based casinos or even the online casinos you’ll find through internet casino sites. This is because the minimums across all games are extremely low, and you can often have a great night of fun on less than $50, depending on your winnings of course! The minimum bets are low to encourage as many players as possible to enjoy the casino, and to improve the atmosphere on board.

Another thing to consider is that because your cruise sets sail across international waters, the minimum gambling age is usually 18. This presents an excellent opportunity to passengers from the US in particular, who may not have had the chance to gamble at home due to the age limit being 21. Again, it's all part of the appeal of a cruise ship's casino, as many people can enjoy them and don't have to worry about spending a fortune to enjoy themselves.

You can enjoy a variety of tournaments put on by the cruise ship casino. 

Tournaments are exceedingly popular in cruise ship casinos. Whether it's an exciting slot tournament or a traditional Texas Hold 'em poker series, you can sign up and enjoy competing against your fellow passengers. The tournaments organised by casinos tend to have a relatively low buy-in when compared to land-based casinos, often just $5, depending on the game.

Tournaments are usually advertised in advance to give you enough time to sign up and get other people involved. Another great thing about the contests on a cruise ship is the fact that you're not competing against a potentially huge number of people like you would be on a land-based casino. The prizes are often great, too, with winners of some tournaments even coming away with a free cruise! It's well worth entering the casino tournaments if you're feeling lucky.

Overall, cruise ship casinos are an excellent source of entertainment for all passengers over the age of eighteen. You will find pretty much all of the features you would expect to see in a land based casino, and the low minimum bet required for most games means it's accessible and enables you to play for a longer period of time.

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