Is Online Gambling Legal In Michigan

For many years, online gambling has been hidden in the shadows of illegality and obscurity in the state of Michigan as it has been part of a legally unregulated market. This changed, however, when Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed online gambling into law on December 20, 2019. As a result, this industry has experienced a tremendous and unprecedented boom in Michigan.

Now, online gambling fans can choose from a number of the best online casino options in Michigan to try their luck, all legally. Of course, to fall within the legal parameters, some rules must be followed, both by those looking to gamble and by the casinos offering these services.

Below you will find the most important aspects everyone should know about online gambling in Michigan.

Michigan Gambling Laws

In 1972, when the Lottery Act started, a state lottery was authorized in Michigan, which laid the foundation for gambling in the state. Two decades later, in 1996, the Michigan Gaming and Control Act was passed, which legalized casino activity. Years later, many online gambling sites and applications began to emerge. But still, the state of Michigan did not initiate any steps to bring them under the law, which led to their existence amid an unregulated market.

After lengthy efforts by the supporters of online gambling, Michigan legislators began passing a series of online gambling bills, culminating in Governor Gretchen Whitmer signing HB 4311, the Lawful Internet Gaming Act, on December 20, 2019. Online gambling was now covered by the law and, therefore, legal under certain guidelines. But these guidelines had to be very well determined, which is why the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) was established. 

Since the MGCB was in charge of regulating online gambling, it took some time to set regulations and enact laws, which is why gambling platforms did not appear in 2019 when online gambling was legalized, but later, in January 2021. Since then, the online gambling industry has been booming in Michigan and is bringing revenue to the state's coffers.

The State’s Regulations Regarding Online Betting 

After December 2019, various types of online gambling became legal in Michigan. Specifically, the state legalized online poker, casino-style games, sports betting, betting on horse racing, fantasy sports, and online purchase of lottery tickets. The MGCB reviews the license applications and ensures they meet all the requirements to run online gambling. So, if you play on a licensed site or app, you don't have to worry about the risk of playing illegally.

Of course, players must also meet a set of criteria to be eligible. First of all, the minimum age for online gambling is 21 in Michigan and 18 for buying an online lottery ticket. Any attempt to cheat the system is punishable by law. The obligation to ensure that their customers are not underage also lies with online gambling sites and apps.

Fraud Protection 

Under the Lawful Internet Gaming Act (LIGA), any internet gambling operator must ensure that its website or app includes fraud prevention mechanisms. 

First, online gambling platforms must have a security system to check whether or not participants are over 21 years old. Also, according to LIGA, there must be a database of all people who are not allowed to gamble online. Moreover, LIGA requires the encouragement of responsible gambling, which can be implemented by setting maximum playing times and offering limits on the amounts bet. 

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