Why are casino bonuses offered by online casinos?

Regularly, online casinos and bookmakers offer their customers various perks and for different reasons. The type of casino bonus a gambler receives depends solely on what the bookies want to achieve and the length of membership of a customer.

While many online bettors are always eager to get these casino bonuses, they have their pros and cons. These bonuses are an integral part of the casino industry and getting appropriate information on them is essential.

Introduction to casino bonuses

A casino bonus is an offer which the bookie gives its customers to get them committed to using their platform. What this means is that these bonuses have rules and policies that must be adhered to fully before you can use them.

Though these bonuses vary depending on the online casinos, they have similar terms and conditions. Generally, these casino bonuses are not compulsory, therefore one might not be mandated to use them.

Some punters usually do not feel comfortable having terms and conditions tied to the free money being offered by the bookies, therefore they neglect the offer. Be that as it may, free money is good, and many people have used these bonuses offered by these bookies to make profits.

Categories of casino bonuses

There is a plethora of casino bonuses out there, these are the most common ones.

Welcome bonus

An online casino offers this bonus to newly registered customers. It is an avenue to show their appreciation for using their platform. Generally, it is between 100% to 200% of the first funds you credit into your account. If you deposit $500, you should get $1000 and above.

Free spins

This free bonus type is offered to lovers of casino games like roulette and slots. This bonus can be used by the old and new customers. It is given daily, weekly, and monthly. The number of spins you get depends on your bookmaker. 

Reload bonus

This bonus type follows the welcome bonus. A customer that has exhausted his welcome bonus can still get another bonus after he makes a deposit. The ratio of a reload bonus is usually higher than a welcome bonus.

No deposit bonuses

This is a rare bonus, where you get credited without funding your account. A no deposit bonus is usually given when operators need to entice new players to join them. On other occasions, they offer the players this bonus to allow them to continue using their services. During an awards ceremony at the Canadian Gaming Summit, I have chatted with casino experts, particularly on this subject. Amongst them was Kayleigh Williams from Casimoose.ca and she told me that “although the no deposit bonus is indeed hard to come by, we do keep our dedicated page regularly updated with the purpose of making it easier for the players to easily find active bonuses right when they need them.”

Cashback Bonus

This isn’t offered in all online casinos, however, you can get in some top bookies. Players get their money returned when they lose in this bonus type. The amount a player gets back depends on the terms and percentages the bookie stipulated.

VIP bonus

This is usually reserved for high rollers and players who stake large amounts on casino games. Because of their huge risk, the casino offers them this bonus.

Online casino bonuses terms and conditions

All casino bonuses come with specific terms which are attached to them. These terms are many, but here are the basic terms, you must follow to redeem a bonus.

Bonuses must be rolled over at least three times

This applies to virtually all top online casinos. To withdraw your winnings when using a bonus, you must have won with the bonus and rolled over at least three times. This might look difficult, but when you pick good games and are lucky this is achievable.

Specific odds before usage

This is not common though but must top online casinos like Betway, Betfair, and 1xbet mandate you to only use the bonus from odds 1.50 upward.

You can’t withdraw your bonus immediately

All casinos won’t allow you to withdraw the bonus immediately you are given, you have to at least use them to play before it can be withdrawn.

Casino bonuses are time-bound

All casino bonuses have a validity period, which if you fail to use it, will expire. Depending on the bookie you use, some give three days, while others give up to 7 days.

Bonuses cannot be transferred

You cannot transfer your casino bonuses, unlike your regular funds to another user. It is your offer and only works for you.

Some bonuses are for specific games

While this isn’t true for all bookies and all bonuses, it holds sway for some. Few bonuses are tied to a particular game. Using with other games will render them invalid.

Reasons casino bonuses are offered

Casinos are not charity organizations, so they are not offering these bonuses without resins, here are why they give bonuses.

For commitment purposes

Usually, casinos offer their players’ bonuses to keep them on their platforms. They understand that customers like freebies and regularly offering mouth-watering perks will make them stay.

To reward loyal members

Many casinos give loyalty rewards as an avenue to reward old and members who constantly patronize them. Active members are usually given weekly bonuses to the tune of funds used during the week.

To attract new members

Yes, online casinos need new users to stay afloat, that is why they offer perks like free spins. They understand that if you are entertained, you will come back and use real money to stake.

While many see bonuses as Greek gifts, they can be used regularly to wage on games.

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