What Cost should you spend to get 99 Crafting in OSRS?

In OSRS, when you craft, you will certainly need to spend money on supplies or materials. You should always check the Grand Exchange prices before buying and selling materials at each level.

OSRS offers a variety of crafting methods starting at levels 1 - 99. Yes, each level costs money. You may feel anxious about how much it costs to reach level 99 crafting since it's the final step. Here's a crafting guide OSRS!

Cost of 99 Crafting

Cheap Crafting, Medium Crafting, and Fast Crafting are some of the crafting methods in OSRS that show levels 1-99. Sure, each method will cost differently, just as each level's materials will also cost differently.

To get 99 crafting in OSRS, here are the costs:

Crafting Costs

Craft Glassblowing in cheap crafting. While maintaining decent experience rates up to 120K/hr, this cheap crafting method provides the cheapest way to get 99 craftings.

It costs 16 - 24 M to craft Glassblowing to level 99, depending on whether you use unpowered orbs of light orbs. After completing the crafting guide up to level 99, you will get the light orbs.

An Ironman can find a glassblowing pipe at the most south-western house on Entrana or can purchase it from the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, you can use your glass blowing pipe to create unpowered orbs, Dorgeshuun Light Orbs. Additional Ingredients:

Levels 1-4

Type: Beer Glasses, Exp/HR:29k/hr, and Total Cost: 1K

Levels 4 – 12

Type: Empty candle lantern, Exp/HR: 32k/hr, and Total Cost: 10K

Levels 12 – 33

Type: Empty Oil Lamp, Exp/HR: 43k/hr, and Total Cost: 100K

Levels 33 – 42

Type: Vials, Exp/HR: 60k/hr, and Total Cost: 110K

Levels 42 – 46

Type: Empty fishbowls, Exp/HR:72k/hr, and Total Cost: 77K

Levels 46 – 87 / 99

Type: Unpowered orbs, Exp/HR: 90k/ hr, and Total Cost: 5 M / 16 M

Levels 87 – 99

Type: Light orbs, Exp/HR: 12k/ hr, and Total Cost: 19 M

In Cheap Crafting, unpowered orbs are needed for levels 46 - 87. The grind is long; lucky it's AFK. Glassblowing and molten glass are all you need. A bank ad is all you need. You can create all your orbs using a glassblowing pipe on molten glass. Continue until level 87.

Medium Crafting Cost

Air Battlestaves are a medium crafting requirement. It will cost you 51 M to craft the Air battle staves, depending on whether you choose unpowered orbs or light orbs to level 99.

Craft Air battle staves from levels 66 to 99 to complete the medium crafting method. Get some battle staves and also air orbs to make it. You can then create the Air battle staves at a bank using battle staves. After more inventories, you'll reach level 99.

In certain level crafting methods, you should create the following types of battle staves:

Levels 54 – 58

Type: Water Battlestaves, Exp/ HR: 250k/ hr, and Total Cost: 500 K

Levels 58 – 66

Type: Earth Battlestaves, Exp/ HR: 275K/ hr, and Total Cost: 1 M

Levels 66 – 99

Type: Air Battlestaves, Exp/ HR: 340K/ hr, and Total Cost: 51 M

If you are level 46-66, you should make unpowered orbs. In the cheap crafting method, you can make unpowered orbs.

Fast Crafting Cost

To craft Black Dragonhide Bodies, use the Fast Crafting method. It costs roughly 100 M to craft Black Dragonhide Bodies. In OSRS, this is the fastest crafting method that gives 430 000 XP per hour. This level also requires creating 39 000 Black Dragonhide Bodies. Selling them all may cost you 90 000 000.

To craft Black Dragonhide Bodies, you may need to follow the same techniques you used before. Black dragon leather, needles, thread, and many needles are needed. Furthermore, you can also use the needle to begin crafting Black Dragonhide bodies from the black dragon leather and continue until level 99.

Dragonhide Bodies should be created using these types of level crafting methods:

Levels 63 – 71

Type: Green D'hide Bodies, Exp/ HR: 300k/ hr, and Total Cost: 1.4 M

Levels 71 – 77

Type: Blue D’Hide Bodies, Exp/ HR: 350K/ hr, and Total cost: 3.2 M

Levels 77 – 84

Type: Red D'hide Bodies, Exp/ HR: 380K/ hr, and Total Cost: 10 M

Levels 84 – 99

Type:  Black D'hide Bodies, Exp/ HR: 430K/ hr, and Total Cost: 100 M

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