Games and Dating: a Guide for a Gay Gamer to Combine It

Queer-friendly video games have always been difficult to find, but new fantasy stories in video games depict sex and gender in a completely different way now. Quite interestingly, so many gay men on dating sites are now looking for partners who share the same interest in gaming. It shows how much love queer-themed games are getting in today's world.

Being a Gamer Couple: Pros and Cons

With dating sites becoming available, it is now easier than ever to arrange a discreet gay hookup on a platform of your choice without even leaving your house. And interestingly, you can find friends for gay dating with equal ease. Many gay men look for gamer singles because of many potential benefits. For instance, being a couple means you share your passion for something specific with your significant other, who is never going to judge you for your love for video games.

When in a relationship with another gaming fan, you know he is never going to walk in front of the TV while you are in a serious boss fight. Another good thing is that your partner is never going to show concerns regarding the price of games, and he probably wants you to get the latest games whenever possible.

For these couples, however, there may be some issues to address as well. For starters, you have to overcome the feelings of getting less time on the game when you need to share console time. Similarly, you just cannot brag about how well you have performed while playing, or you might run the risk of hurting your partner's emotions. Any attempt to suggest you have a higher claim to a game could also lead to epic fights.

Dating Site to Find Love

As you can see, there are pros and cons of being a gamer couple, but you can make it more interesting by taking your time to choose a partner. Joining the right dating site can work wonders here. The best part is that modern-day dating sites now rely on advanced tech, including AI, software solutions, VR, smart screens, and much more, so you do not have to face issues finding a gaming fan.

Start a direct conversation and talk about what you expect out of this relationship before going on your very first gaming date with your partner. Thankfully, arranging your first date is easy when you own a much-sought-after PS5 or even PS4.

  • Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator: It is a great game for gays to get their romance fixed. You will be a single dad looking for other hot dads in the area. If you love mature dating and looking for a gay bear, Dream Daddy is one perfect first-date gaming option.
  • Gone Home: Unravel an atmospheric mystery with your newfound dating partner in this amazingly designed game, which is critically acclaimed for its portrayal of LGBTQ issues.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014): One of the best games in the Dragon Age saga, it is all about going on a journey to settle civil unrest. It is great for your first date because of its elaborate romance system, allowing you to meet many potential lovers, including a 10ft bull-man. It has earned a Special Recognition award from GLAAD.
  • 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim: Your search for binary love ends with this interesting PS4 game, and it works great for a date night because each of the characters is embroiled romantically with others and has its own storyline to follow.
  • Crusaders King 3: It is another interesting choice for a romantic gay night, as not only the game has an interesting storyline for queer fans, it is now also going to offer a gay marriage option to make your date start thinking about something more than a hookup.


From bouncing your way through gigantic kingdoms to slashing your way through truly mystical lands, you can find a long list of games to play with your gay dating partner. Be sure to look for your mate through a gay dating site because you can discuss the games they love the most, and you can always plan your first date in a much better way.

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