Introducing Octogamex: GameFi’s Future NFT Marketplace

Octogamex is an innovative gaming NFT marketplace with its sights set on the future. Their team views the metaverse and GameFi as the next big step in blockchain technology, so they developed a platform to meet these needs.

Following the logical result of decentralized finance and gaming (GameFi), Octogamex aims to give gamers the kind of free-trade benefits other DeFi users enjoy: the freedom to buy, sell, and exchange tokens and NFTs as they like. This gives them a unique position in the NFT crypto market. 

Octogamex is an NFT trading platform built for blockchain gamers. To give blockchain gamers a way to earn and put their gaming NFTs to good use. They aim to connect blockchain players and gaming communities by displaying collections from different blockchains on one convenient platform. NFT selling websites like these are often the best place to buy NFTs. 

Octogamex provides both gaming NFT and crypto owners with unique trading opportunities. 

It’s a way for them to sell their gaming NFTs at a price they think is fair. On Octogamex, users have the option to sell, auction, or trade gaming NFTs. Trades can be made for NFTs only or users can add extra crypto to balance out the trade. 

Users can buy NFTs in the token they choose, even if the game only sells its NFTs in its native token. Users can buy NFTs in blockchain tokens or the NFT collection’s native token on this NFT crypto marketplace.

On Octogamex, the fee size depends on the type of exchange. There is a flat 2.5% marketplace fee for NFTs sold by Sale or Auction, a 0.01 BNB fee for NFTs sold by Trade, and a 0.02 BNB + 2.5% fee of the additional currency for NFT trade-ins by Sale or Trade. 

About Us

Octogamex is a decentralized NFT marketplace designed for metaverse and in-game assets. GameFi is the latest horizon in the ever-expanding blockchain universe. Octogamex sees its enormous potential and aims to make the most of it. 

Visit Octogamex on their website and follow them on social media to learn more.

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