Five Common Rookie Mistakes People Make When Choosing an Online Casino

As a rookie player in the online casino world, you want to have the best experience possible. That cannot happen if you make mistakes and ruin your chances of having fun. We are experienced players and played in the top 10 casinos online and know what a good casino looks like. Also, we have been on the dark side of casinos and saw the worst parts of the online gambling industry.

Luckily for you, this article will go through the most common rookie mistakes players make when choosing an online casino.

Check if the casino is legit

Is the casino legal? That's the first and most important question you must ask yourself when picking a casino online. 

To see if a casino is legit, you need to check if they have the required licenses from the region you are playing. You can usually find that on the informative pages on the site. If a casino does not have any certifications or licenses for your region or none at all, then it means it is not legit.

Check the age of the casino

Does this mean newer casinos are bad? Not at all. Even in the top 10 casinos list, you can find a casino operating for one year or less. To put it simply, a good casino knows how to handle player issues and keep its customer base satisfied regardless of age.

Never register with a fake name in an online casino

A rookie mistake that many people made over the years and paid dearly for it. Sometimes you are afraid that the casino is not legit and intends to steal your personal information. However, when the time comes to withdraw your winnings, the casino asks you to put the same withdrawal information as the one you registered for in the first place. You'll lose all that hard-earned cash and feel bitter because of it.

Payment and Withdraw Methods Available Matter

We've all been there. Choosing a casino with a withdrawal method not supported in your region is a common rookie mistake. That's why you need to go over to the payments and withdrawal pages and see if there is a supported method in your region.

Deposit Bonus Matters

The last common rookie mistake made by players is not checking the deposit bonus of the site. Did you know that some casinos do not offer a deposit bonus to their players? Stay away from those types of casinos. A good casino wants to reward its new players with a 200% or more casino deposit bonus.


These are the five rookie mistakes new players usually make. To have the best experience possible in an online casino, then avoid these mistakes. Will other mistakes happen? Probably, but they will not influence your gaming experience at all.

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