The way to The International 2023. All transfers before the new Dota 2 season

The main changes in the leading teams are another Russian representative in OG, a new excellent roster in the CIS and a surprise roster from Dendy.

Not so long ago, the registration of professional clubs in Dota 2 was completed before the next season-2022/2023. This transfer period surprised esports fans with many surprises - almost all the strongest teams made transfers in the roster. If you love Dota 2, we recommend installing Mostbet uz yuklab olish.

Someone, happy with past victories, tweaked his squad a little with one substitution or a new approach. But most of those who approached the matter sharply radically will set off on their way to The International 2023 with a completely updated five or in a completely different region.

Before the start of Dota Pro Circuit 2022/2023, we will tell you about the main changes in the professional Dota - with the belief that any player will be able to find a team that will be pleasant to support throughout the season.

Larl - Team Spirit player

The Dragons failed at The International 2022, as a result, the management decided to change the roster. Alexander TORONTOTOKYO Khertek left the club, and young talent Denis Larl Sigitov, who played for BetBoom, took his place.

The team assured that the newly minted esportsman is a great fit for the team and is able to bring a lot of new and high quality in the field of strategies and ideas. It will be possible to see how this works out in practice in January.

New BetBoom Team

After the failure at TI11, another Russian club made serious changes. BetBoom disbanded the entire team and spent a lot of money on a stellar new club. Ex-representatives of will play together with Entity carry Ivan Pure Moskalenko and ex-mid of Team Spirit.

In theory, the roster is perhaps the strongest one that can be found in the CIS region. In fact, these teams are far from mental balance and do not often show the expected super results, but it will be at least interesting to watch these bright talents.

And on the ruins of the former BetBoom roster, a new club, Darkside, has been formed, which will also play in the first division of the CIS league. The most experienced Roman RAMZES666 Kushnarev joined the supports, and the esportsmen of the second and third positions raise some doubts that the team will compete for the leading places in the region.

Malady moves to NAVI, while Daxak and Solo are HR players

The Born to Win had a good reshuffle in their difficult situation. Having lost their captain and mid laner, the team managed to find two motivated guys from Kazakhstan - even if they lack experience, the Natus Vincere selection has already proved itself in the past season. A good roster of promising players came out, who are nice to watch.

But HR, from where all the gamers went “for promotion”, had to choose a roster from what remains. And this is not very much - Dahak wanted to miss the season and change his position, 32-year-old Solo wanted to end his career ... But I want to make a mistake in this and believe that the team will compete with the strongest.

DM changed to OG

Only lost more than HellRaisers in autumn. The new management decided to start all over again - as a result, not only 3 core players left the team, but also yamich from Xakoda.

Five young players in the first official games do not perform very well. Fans of "bears" need to believe in the best or root for old gamers: such as Dmitry DM Dorokhin, who is already in OG.

One Move has also shaken up the roster a lot and seems to be a forge of talent for We will see what happens from this - however, it is worth looking at such a project for the future.Nemiga Gaming will be the only one out of 8 CIS regional DPC league participants that has retained its roster. Despite the teams' interest in Malr1ne and Kiritych, all five remained at the club.

ATF left OG for Nigma Galaxy

The young OG roster lost its star in the off-season: ATF offlaner Ammar al-Assaf, after the first successful season on the professional stage, decided on a new challenge and moved to Nigma Galaxy. Despite his high level, the replacement is good - the Russian player DM last season was perhaps the strongest link in

There were a lot of rumors around Nigma this fall, but in the end we see only one replacement. But even that one, forced - Miracle announced a pause in his career. But will this be enough to keep a place in the first division of Europe?

Swap mid laners in Europe

The Euroteams demonstrated excellent performance at The international, so that in a number of teams there were only minor changes. Entity had to look for carries after Pure left for BetBoom (they took watson from HR), and this trio, for example, changed mids.

There was a small circle. Michal Nisha Jankowski changed the situation and after 3 years in Secret went to a new club, replacing MATUMBAMAN there. Instead, Puppey was able to choose the talented BOOM, and the Gladiators signed Quinn Quinn Callahan.

Return of old OG

And one more new team - three members of the “golden” OG roster are going to revive their careers and show young people how to play. They played in Dota in 2018-2019.

The champions of two TIs invited No[o]ne from NAVI and US support MSS, but it is still unclear what this roster is aimed at. Ride for fun or train 24/7 to get back to The International?

It will be necessary to start with the well-known Cebu and Noteil open qualifiers. Just like before the winning TI8.

New PSG.LGD roster

The main Chinese giant from China had serious losses. A series of scandals after the failure at TI11 became a collapse for a bright team - Zhang Faith_bian Ruida ended his career, carry Ame suspended performances, and disappointed XinQ has not yet found a new club.

Probably, the team in such a situation did everything they could. The new esports players are not bad, though it is much more difficult to imagine this roster at the top of the world top than the last one.

Officially, the new season in Dota Pro Circuit will open on January 9 next year - the updated teams do not have much time for preparation and pre-season events.

And in less than a month, all these teams can be observed in action; then it will become clear who guessed right with the roster.

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