The Best Esport Games For 2022

Many gamers around the world find that their dream is to become a professional eSport gamer. With some of the most popular titles in the world, these games are heavily played, but it takes the elite type of gamer to really make it to the top of the leader boards and earn a coin or two from it.

Within this article we will review some of the best games that should be considered by game enthusiasts, especially if you think you have what it takes to make it to the top when eSports gaming is concerned. The games have some of the best prize money funds, in addition to one game, called CSGO. CSGO not only has great prize funds, but they also have amazing opportunities outside of the gaming experience. is a great example of a CSGO gambling site, where gamers can gamble their skins and wager them for even greater prizes. So, if you happen to try out CSGO, check out the secondary casino CSGO gambling opportunities that are available!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game which brings together great action and strategy. Its battle royal shooting mode is what gets the most appeal and attention from game lovers, and if you like to be put straight into the deep end, this would most likely be the one that is advisable to check out and play.

Set within the Titanfall universe, you will need to take account of the robot mercenaries and equip them to your success. Travelling between dimensions can be done using your own created holograms, as either a Wraith or a cloak. Teams will have to communicate with one another to ensure coordination. Overall, this game is exciting and a tremendous choice for those that seek all-in action from the moment they log in. Be prepared for immediate take off.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Yes, we briefly mentioned within the introduction, how epic this game is, but we didn't tell you why. This game has been around since the 90s, and while it was evolved and upgraded in 2021, the new additions of heritage multiplayers, in addition to FPS titles, make this game still as hardcore as when it was first introduced. It's a core game that any hard-core gamer needs to introduce themselves to if they are looking for lots of action and adventure from the get-go.

While in comparison to the other games on the list, CSGO will show up for its age when the graphics are concerned. However, if you can put your mind towards appreciating it for the time it was released, you most definitely can enjoy playing this. 

Dota 2

The last game on the list that deserves a mention is Dota 2. This game is a perfect example of how attention to detail exists within the world of action. As a player, you have over 100 playable characters, in addition to the different weapons, unique abilities and play style that you can utilise when you play. By bringing together the different playing styles that are available, you will strategize the exact strengths and weaknesses that are required to make your team achieve the victory that you are seeking. While it is a work in progress, that you will need to understand and evolve as you play, it's certainly fun doing so. 

The play mechanics can put players off who are new to the entire experience, however, should you manage to get to the very top in the way you execute you’re playing style, there is a €30 million prize fund available to worthy winners who participate in the eSport tournaments.


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