7 Proven Ways To Make Money Playing PC Games

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Nearly half of the world's PC users have at least once played PC games. Many of them started out of curiosity. Some of these people turned out to be pretty good at playing. Whether it is role-playing, strategy games, or another genre some people are inclined to be gamers. If you want to get a closer look at the current world of video and online pc games, prepare yourself to almost get lost in a sort of wild jungle of thrilling and breath-taking gaming products.

Reasons To Choose PC Casino Games

It's nearly impossible not to find a game for your tastes. No matter how acquainted you are with PC games, the pool of available games is impressive. This industry is so extensive that you can bet you will find a game to love!

Many gamers start playing games for fun but some become very skilled. To the point of earning real money from their game playing. It sounds pretty nice, don't you think? It all consists of making money while having fun.

As mentioned previously, there are games out there for everyone's taste. Despite this, amidst hundreds of different genres action games stand out in popularity. Action is a huge genre with many sub genres. Another genre of games gaining popularity recently has been casino games.

There's something different in playing casino games, indeed: you can collect bonuses for more playing and withdraw your winnings to your bank account smoothly and quickly.

PC Casino Games Expert Samir Ismail highlights a few significant aspects of playing games while making money. His recent article play and win real money on leading Middle East Casino site Casinoelarab.com, shows gamers and casino players that they can take advantage of their skills. He notes that skills from PC gaming can help make money while playing games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and others. He recommends 'No Deposit Bonus' games as a preferred starting point. The opportunity to test one's skills without the need to deposit is a good way to start. After all, not all PC game skills immediately transfer to casino games.

If you're interested, pick a couple of pc casino games reviews to help you decide what games to try. Arab pc casino games love to play live dealer games. The unparalleled emotions to feel like sitting at a real poker table in one of the most luxurious casinos in Egypt or Las Vegas.

Ways To Make Money While Enjoying PC Games

So, are you ready to discover the best ways to make money while playing your favorite PC games? Here is a list of the best methods to fill in your wallet with fresh money playing online and video games as revealed by PC game experts:

  1. Quality assurance tester and beta (or game) tester
    Independent people can help game development studios refine the quality and playability of their games. All you have to do as a quality assurance tester is to... play the game and tell the game designers what you think about its graphics, sounds, and other game features.
    The role of beta (or game) testers, on the other hand, is to analyze the game looking for what may not work for users.

  2. Live streamer
    Some gamers are paid for streaming their gameplay in real-time on specific platforms like Twitch or Youtube, which is also a good option. It may sound like an easy job, but building a live stream audience usually takes a long time and many hours of work. You should first reach a significant audience to get someone to pay you for live streaming. Another thing: the streaming segment looks quite saturated, so only the most skilled people can hope to emerge and get paid.

  3. gaming journalist

    Game tutoring
    This option is for those who mastered a game and want to share their secrets with beginners. Creating a video game guide or a pc game tutorial is one of the best ways to gain new followers quickly. People need to catch the ultimate trick to win the game; therefore, you may be their resource number one. However, to make money from pc online game tutorials, you should create guides for popular games. But pay attention to your competitors: if the game is very popular, you'll have to face many other creators of guides for that game.

  4. Gaming journalist
    If you have good writing skills in your hands, you may try yourself as a gaming journalist. You may start from your website (if you already have one), or you may join an existing site. Another option would be to write for a committee as a freelancer. All you have to do is your knowledge for games to prepare interviews, reviews, find news, and more. Keep in mind that gaming journalism may be intimidating at first: it's a competitive sector, so you may have to adjust your per-article rate if you seriously want someone to pick you instead of someone else. 

  5. Gaming podcast
    You may want to start a Youtube channel for gaming podcasts. Plan your agenda with weekly or even daily shows about pc games. You may choose to create an opinion-based roundtable show, or you may want to select a few popular streamers for interviews. Once your channel has grown, Youtube will use ads on your videos which earns you money.

  6. Tournament gamer
    If you want to live on the first line, you can participate in gaming tournaments. Consider that the prize size grows with the game's popularity. You may also want to join an eSports team and make money through winnings and sponsorships. Getting started isn't difficult, but winning a tournament is quite hard as you never know how skilled your competitors can be. Even a first-class gamer might get knocked out in an early game.

  7. Game reviewer
    Many owners of game sites are looking for someone to play their games and review them. However, you won't earn cash upfront as most of these sites pay in alternative currencies, including cryptocurrency coins. You can always turn your virtual coins into gift cards, prepaid cards, or other products. The bright side of becoming a game reviewer is the chance to try and learn new games regularly. 

As a final point, making money from playing pc games is still work. It often happens that playing games as a job may lose its sense of escapism and pure fun, becoming more and more similar to any other job around. But we still think it's worth a shot!

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