Stinkin Rich Slot Machine Review: Choose a Game and Win

At one time in the largest casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, such games included the Stinkin Rich slot machine. Today, thanks to the developers from the IGT company, you can play the legendary slot without leaving your home - after all, free Stinkin Rich slot game has become available online as a slot of the same name. The slot machine was recently introduced on online platforms, but many players have already liked it. It has distinctive features that can be considered unique among other IGT slot machines. We will talk about it in today's review.

Stinkin Rich Slot Machine Theme

IGT tried to convey the spirit of slot machines of the 80s fully, so the design of free Stinkin Rich slot machine remained almost unchanged and today, against the background of modern slots with 3D animation, looks somewhat in the style of the old school. Symbols are objects with a strong odor, such as garlic, eggs, cheese, or shoes. The Stinkin Rich slot game style is preserved in the form of an old land-based slot machine. It is dominated by bright colours that quickly catch the eye. However, despite the advantages of the interface, it is still considered obsolete. The same cannot be said about the functionality of the game: classic slots are good, first of all, with large wins and the relative simplicity of the game rules. 

Guide How to Play Stinkin Rich Slot

With a special reel structure of free online slots gameplay of Stinkin Rich slot machine is transformed and become more interesting because of new bonus symbols. On the playing field of the Stinkin Rich slot, you will find 5 reels for a spin and 100 variants of winning combinations. You can put from 1 to 50 coins on each of them. If you decide to play for real money, the denomination of each coin is configured in a separate interface. Here you can also familiarize yourself with the payout table, which will delight even experienced sophisticated players: only on one combination, the maximum winning amount is 10,000 coins. Considering how many such combinations there are in the game, one can only imagine what potential this slot from Las Vegas of the 80s has!

Despite its classic design, Stinkin Rich's slot game isn't as simple as it sounds. To begin with, not all reels have the same number of symbols. If on the first 4 reels 5 symbols rotate, then on the last - only 3. Thus, there are 23 cells with dropped symbols on the playing field for 1 spin.

The paytable itself is highly differentiated. If for the basic line you can win from 250 to 300 coins on 5 reels of the line, then the characters of the slot bring 500 and 1000 coins, respectively. Next comes the maximum symbol, which replenishes your balance by 10,000 coins. Even if it falls out only on 4 reels, it will bring a good win in the amount of 500 coins.

Wise Strategy at Stinkin Rich Slot

To win at slot machines, players need to have a certain strategy that can lead them to success. Therefore, when playing Stinkin Rich, the following important rules should be kept in mind.

  • Understand the number of pay lines in play. To start playing, you need to find out the number of pay lines and select a certain number of them.
  • Know your limits and gamble responsibly. Don't make high stakes right away. It is worth carefully assessing your capabilities and playing Stinkin Rich as you deposit.
  • Try to manage your bankroll effectively. In addition to the fact that you need to assess your capabilities, you must be able to properly implement your deposit.
  • Look for small jackpot games. The Stinkin Rich slot machine is just one of the games that offer small wins, however, for the coincidence of the smallest combinations.

Thus, by following these rules, players will be able to achieve better results and win more than they expected.

Bonus Symbols of The Stinkin Rich Casino Pokie

Bonus symbols always give more wins than combinations of regular symbols. Therefore, we are in a hurry to please you with the fact that this slot machine has bonus symbols. Special symbols in the game Stinkin Rich are represented by Wild, which has a substitution function, and Scatter, which allows you to earn up to 100 coins, falling out in an amount of 3 or more units on any part of the playing field. Separately, you should pay attention to the special symbols that give bonus opportunities.

  • Wild symbol replaces any symbol on the reel field. Thus, it is easier for gamblers to collect prize combinations and get big wins.
  • The scatter symbol gives access to free spins and other features, which we will discuss below.
  • Key to Riches appears only on the first 3 reels: this combination triggers 5 free spins. For each winning line, players receive 5 free spins and their amount can be up to 325 free spins in a row.
  • Trash for Cash appears only on the last 3 reels and activates the bonus game. In it, you need to choose among numerous bonus symbols to get a multiplication of your accumulated winnings in the main game from 6 to 40 times.

Thus, the slot machine has a lot to offer and how to please players in online casinos. This is due to the large set of bonus features in the game.

Chances to Win at Stinkin Rich Slot

Because most classic slots do not promise easy money with high potential winnings, Stinkin Rich can be called a pleasant exception in this regard. Therefore, the RTP of the game is 96.23%, which is much higher than the average in the casino, which makes it possible to recommend the slot for playing real bets. To increase your chances of winning, you should play gradually, starting with small bets. Further, as the winnings increase, it is worth increasing the bet in the slot machine. Then the players have a greater chance of winning a good amount of money by playing the Stinkin Rich slot machine.

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