Some of the best action video games to play on PC

Video gaming has evolved significantly over the past couple of decades, and nowadays, gamers demand more from the titles they play. The leading developers have also the boundaries to cater to their needs.

Inevitably, action-style games hold more sway for those who prefer to enjoy gaming on PC, and there have been tweaks made to make them successful.

We have provided a shortlist of some of the best action video games to play on PC and explain what makes them so special.

Resident Evil

Players are given a clear glimpse into the terrifying world of bioorganic welfare and this movie franchise made a successful transition into the gaming world.

There have been several iterations of the game, and one of the movies was supposed to represent the power struggle between some of the main characters and it adds an interesting element to things.

As things unfold, players are given a truly immersive experience, and as such, it has kept them hooked over time.

Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

Fast-paced and high-octane action is the order of the day when playing Temple and Tombs. You can join Lara Croft on her incredible adventures, and those who are fans of Indiana Jones, will take great pleasure in playing this game.

Indeed, Lara Croft has been an immensely successful franchise and its cultural impact can be felt. Not only has Lara Croft captivated the attention of movie and video gaming fans, but this title has also made its way into the digital casino environment which has delighted online casino players.

Gamblers can recreate the atmosphere of Lara Croft playing from the comfort of their own home and while away a few hours tackling this slot. At many of the top operators, such as 888Casino and Mr Green, you will be able to find such slot titles and you will be able to tap into some of the best no deposit bonuses in the UK, such as free spins. However, make sure your desired slot is eligible for the offer before proceeding.

Call of Duty

Deploying military weapons and using guns is part and parcel of this strategic PC game. Gaming fans will appreciate the thumping soundtrack of the title and its legacy is undeniable.

Perhaps one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, COD, as it is often referred to, tells us everything we need to know about modern warfare and there have been plenty of innovations to make sure it has stayed relevant.


A game of the stealth variety, Hitman gives players the chance to travel to exotic destinations as the deadly Agent 47 to become the master assassin.

Hitman is not for the faint-hearted and with numerous versions of the games released in sequence, you can expect excellent graphics when you play this title.

Perhaps Hitman 4: Blood Money is a fan favourite even though the storyline doesn’t deviate too much away from previous titles. Nevertheless, there are some interesting features added, such as a topographical map which makes it easier for players to guide the agent through various obstacles.

Final word

Action video style PC games continue to enthral and there is something for everyone to enjoy. While we have only highlighted a few video games in this guide, there are tons of titles for players to enjoy, so go and check them out for yourself today!

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