Ranking the 5 Most Popular Football-Based Video Games

Since the arrival of FIFA ’97, football enthusiasts have been crazy about the world of online football video games. From betting on football online to trying out themselves in order to reach the top place, football video games have become quite famous over the years. Thai sports betting enthusiasts can check out the Happy Luke Link for the latest news and betting opportunities. From betting on top-tier games, teams and hyping them up for the league competitions that are going on worldwide. 

Today, we will rank the top Five Most Popular Football Games!

  1. FIFA 21

Being at the top for ages, FIFA is rightfully the best of the best football video games! With an enormous community of players worldwide, this game offers the most accessible features. From the graphics, mechanics and multiplayer provision to the availability of the game in a wide array of modes, it is the most advanced among its genre. You can have it all, from the single-player campaign and online PvP to playing online leagues with over 550 teams from around the world!

  1. eFootball PES 2021

The second on our list is eFootball PES, which also happens to be the biggest FIFA competitor, the players are pro and the features of this game are outstanding!

From good graphics and excellent mechanics to seamless controls and online multiplayer options, this game is one of the best choices there is in the online football video game world! It is based on the same engine as the console games, making it fluid and flawless in all its systematic game controls!

  1. Super Soccer Champs 2020

SSC is back and better than ever before! With an online and local multiplayer platform, this football video game has been giving the top-tier games some tough competition. By taking the arcade/ retro games to a whole new level, this game provides a seamless design!

Using the old Sensi Soccer and Kick-off games as inspiration, the Super Soccer Champs 2020 has improved infinitely. By allowing players to have a simple and easy quick-flowing game to permit them to participate in the World of Soccer Championships, you can effortlessly score some mean points!

  1. Final Kick 2020

Do you want to see the magic of arcade games? Choose Final Kick 2020 as the game you support as it gives a simple game layout, but is famous for its high score goals, online multiplayer audience and simple controls that offer a streamlined game!

  1. Football Manager 2021

This interactive football video game by SEGA has become quite popular as it provides seamless scoring across all gaming platforms. The online multiplayer tournaments are available in more than 244 countries that allow players to bond over 60 leagues. The mechanics seem to improve every year, and the light issues are polished every few months.

Football Manager 2021 is giving some aggressive competition to the higher games in the league!

So, now that you know the top 5 football-based video games, which one is your favourite?

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