A Brief History Of Online Gaming

Probably, everyone already knows or heard about online games. Nowadays they are extremely popular and the only association that comes to mind is the latest technology. After all, new games appear with a monstrous frequency, and this makes technology develop. We at Game Karma follow all trends and always provide our clients with the best experience.

How that all has started

Only a few people know that online games actually appeared a very long time ago, almost at the same time as the first computers.

Although at that time computers were not created for entertainment, the developers still decided to use them for this purpose. For example, in 1958, in order to improve relations between employees of the Brookhaven laboratory, a table tennis simulator was developed.

However, the real breakthrough was, of course, the creation of the Arpanet network in 1969. This gave a huge boost to the development of online games.

It is traditionally believed that the first people to create an online game were Richard Bartley and Roy Trubshaw. At that time they were still students. Their creation is similar to the once-popular board game called Dungeon&Dragons. However, there were no proper graphics and the plot was absent at all.

Later, in the 1980s, the formation of the popular MMORPG genre began. At that time these games were paid. There were no subscriptions for a month, as now we can find. The game was paid hourly – the gamer had to pay about 12 dollars per hour of playing. Such payment was practiced by the creators of the very popular game ‘Island of Kesmai’.

Recent development of the online gaming

Time moved on, and more and more new games were created. Each developer of a new online game tried to bring something new to the development of the genre. For example, ‘Club Caribe’ became the first online game that provides players with an online chat where players could talk with each other.

In 1997, ‘Ultima Online’ was created. That was the first and very successful online game that literally blew up the gaming industry. And in the following year Sony's ‘EverQuest’ comes out.

The best year for online games was 2003, when MMORPGs were born: ‘World Of Warcraft’, ‘Lineage’, ‘Eve Online’. The first of them still occupies only the highest place in the list of the existing online games. These games set a really high bar for online gaming. For example, ‘World Of Warcraft’ still is the best and the most popular among players.

After such success, many companies, which desire the same profit and fame, began to simply copy these games under other names. Although it was not without unique projects worthy of attention.

Even nowadays, there are games that elevate the genre to new heights: ‘AION’, ‘Guild Wars 2’, ‘Tera Online’ and many others.

What awaits us next is unknown. Only one thing is clear: as long as there are fans of the genre, more and more new online games will be created and they are going to be totally exciting.

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