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Discover the best online cricket games that can be played either from your PC, Mobile Smartphone, or MacBook. We present the most stunning cricket games that you can enjoy in the build-up towards the T20 World Cup this Autumn. Play with the best teams and players and celebrate hours of cricket gaming all online and all without a cost to make.

Discover Online Cricket Games

Sporting games online are huge, with the likes of NBA and FIFA leading the way. But when it comes to raw numbers, the cricket provides fans with the largest selection of free games to play online. This is because of India. Cricket is their national sport, and with over 1.3 billion people in the country, it takes a lot of gaming choice to keep them busy and entertained. Cricket and India are a match made in heaven, and to help us create this list of the 10 best cricket games to play online, we spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of, an expert site with resources for cricket betting and online cricket entertainment. “Cricket is a somewhat spiritual game for people in India, like what football is to those in the United Kingdom. There are a prolific number of games to play online because of the many number of people in India that seek games out on a daily basis. If there were only one or two, then the excitement of playing dries up very quickly. Currently, players in India can access over 100 different online cricket games for free and many of them now are open to mobile phones and accessible via free gaming apps. Even the casino industry in India isn’t shy of cricket slot machines. The most popular being the Cricket Star Online Slot and the recently released Cricket Legends.”

Top 10 Online Cricket Games to Play for Free

The games selected within our top 10 list are available to players via all manner of devices. Some games will require downloading if you wish to play through any gaming console or mobile, and some won’t require downloads and can be played directly from your device’s browser. Here are ten of the best cricket games to play online…

CPL Cricket Tournament

One of the biggest cricket tournaments is now available in digital form and presents gamers with a choice of playing 2, 5, or 10 overs. This game presents high quality 3D gaming that will leave you in awe for hours. You have access to all the major teams like Jamaica Tallawahs, Barbados Tridents, Antigua Hawksbills and many more. Perfectly made to put your cricketing skills to the test and enjoy all the realist stadiums that add to the realism of the game. Definitely a game to catch for mobile users.

Super Cricket

Ready to play at an international level? Enjoy the best games with the best players across the world of cricket. You get six of the best teams with the likes of India, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan. Pick the team you wish to play as and brace yourself for the group rounds and tournament final. You have fantastic team selection and match selection options. The game is super easy to play and is definitely one for the PC players out there that want big gaming for a big screen.

World Cricket 2011

It may be old, but this title is a gaming classic and stands up to the more modern games of today. This game will tick all the boxes of your online cricketing fantasies. This feature presents players with incredible options of arcade style gaming and the world cup challenge mode. The game is stunning with dynamic graphics and realistic audio. The game can be played live online, or you can download the game to play offline. This online cricket game definitely lifts a trophy when it comes to entertainment and you get to play it on the world’s stage.

Pinch Hitter

Another online cricket game for the PC player. This one will need downloading to play as it’s one of the older games to appear inside our top 10 list. Pinch Hitter is a game for the cricket enthusiast that presents its gaming qualities over different levels. This game is unlike any other and is all about the development of your skill. If you want challenges, then this game is literally it. You will have to score points by achieving targets within each set of overs. The more points you pick up, the further you progress within the game. Fast paced entertainment that changes how cricket games are played online.

Cricket World Cup 2019

Another fantastic world cup game that set new standards in cricket gameplay. This is a whole new level of gaming development that is equally good on mobile as it is with any PlayStation or Xbox. This game will allow you to experience the best players within the top teams across the world. The realism of the graphics is the clear stand out point of the game. Now playable with heightened batting and bowling accuracy, this is as real as it gets. Your gaming options include free match play, and you have the challenge matches also. This title delivers on high intensity and is fantastic to play with friends and family, either as teammates or as opponents.

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