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Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter, where you are on a tropical island with palm trees and jungle, which is full of dangers, has no laws and endless conflicts between psychotic warlords and primitive rebels. Customize your weapons to fit your play style. Each mission can be approached differently. Whether you like action filled run and gun style or tactical, stealthy takedowns, or using sniper rifles to kill your enemies form afar, you will like the game, as all those ways are possible to complete your missions in Far Cry 3. Exploring in Far Cry 3 is a real joy, you can discover relics, find mysterious locations, hunt exotic animals and travel by land or sea. The story is great and full of well done characters. The campaign can be played in co-op mode, which makes it even more enjoyable and lively. Multiplayer has an extensive focus on teamplay and rewards skill, helping each other is the key to succeed there, you can do so by boosting each other with battle cries, reviving teammates or calling in support weapons. The game also features powerful and easy to use map editor, so players can make their own content exactly how they would like it. the game world is a real beauty and has amazing graphics, even though the game was released in 2012. To see Far Cry 3 gamepaly action from a beautiful island between Indian and Pacific Oceans, you can watch the video provided below.


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