Marauders: The Next Big Thing in Action-Adventure Gaming

Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a space pirate? Marauding through the stars, scavenging loot and fighting off anyone who dares stand in your way? Engaging in dog fights in deep space and customizing your pirate vessel to your specifications? Then I have some good news for you. There is a new game that will let you live out all of these fantasies. Marauders!


Marauders is a FPS extraction-looter game created by Team17. You might recognise the name. Team17 is the development team responsible for creating the Worms franchise, as well as the popular Overcooked. But Marauders is quite a departure from their friendlier game themes.

Marauders is set in a sci-fi universe. It features a lot of soviet-industrial inspired designs, with a splash of Warhammer 40K thrown in. Most specifically the Kireg corps. The game follows a simple gaming loop. You and a team of others, either AI or other players, enter various battlegrounds and have to secure loot and escape. All while battling against hordes of AI controlled enemies or opposing human teams. The game can also be played solo, but will prove much more difficult.


The main premise of Marauders is that you and your crew are searching the galaxy for loot. Either to better equip yourself or to make a tidy profit with. From abandoned space stations to derelict military bases, you will explore a number of varied and gloomy environments. All filled to the brim with loot.

Extraction-looters are a fairly new genre. The mission objective is to find the loot, but then you have to escape with it. And that is the hard part. Because you will be competing against other Marauders. And if they take you down then the loot is theirs. 

Your Spaceship

Marauders isn’t just a series of arena based battles either. You have to first find the locations you want to loot. And that is where your spaceship comes into play. You can walk around the inside of your ship and interact with the weapons, systems, and change your equipment. Using the ship's periscope allows you to pilot the ship. There are also escape pods and fire extinguishers on board to help you in a dire combat situation. The game is designed to be as realistic as possible. 

But this realism is a double edged sword. When you find a lootable location you first have to dock in the yellow breaching zone. Then you go to the airlock and prepare to board. But when it comes time to extract from the mission you have to get back to the airlock. If you extract using the map's escape pods, you will lose your ship and have to find a new one. 

As you progress through the game you will find crafting materials and new crafting recipes. These can be used to produce better systems and weapons for your ship. Or even to create new, better ships.


Marauders blends 1940’s war history with advanced sci-fi technology. All of your weapons are guns you will recognise from the history books. The SVT-40. An Uzi. The 1911 Stamp. There is a huge catalog of weapons to unlock so you can customize your loadout to your preferred playstyle.

The game demands a more tactical approach to combat than your average shooter. The game is designed to be played as part of a team. So you will need to coordinate to survive. During combat you can use the lean mechanic to peer around corners without exposing yourself. Use of this mechanic is essential to your success. 

If you are struggling to master the combat, there are cheats for Marauders that can help you gain an edge over the competition. You also need to accept that losing is part of the experience. Sometimes you will need to extract early so that you can live to fight another day. 

The Red Baron

If you have been hesitant about trying Marauders, now is the perfect time to finally give it a go as the game just received a new update entitled The Red Baron. The update has added a new fearsome enemy, called The Red Baron, to the game. He can appear in your raids at any time. You have the choice to ignore him, or go toe-to-toe with him for a chance at new armor and weapons.

Along with the addition of this powerful raid boss, the update includes a whole host of new weapons and armor. As well the game has increased the overall size of the maps. Providing larger arenas for spaceship dog fights. This update also includes a complete wipe of all players' progression. This means everyone is on an even footing. Which means it is an ideal time for new players to jump into the fray. 

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