How Video Gaming Has Changed the Modern World?

There may be a few negative effects of video gaming in the modern world, such as increased screen-time leading to bad posture or poor eyesight, and a sedentary lifestyle. However, excess of anything in the world is bad. Video gaming has influenced and shaped the modern world in a much more positive way. Most gamers also stream online mainly via Twitch and earn more than just their bread from it. Although it may seem like they are at times too concerned about how to get followers on Twitch quickly, there’s no doubt that they are providing entertainment to their viewers.

But the real question lies in how video gaming has changed the modern world? Well, you have got to read below to know further.

Opened Gateway of Communication around the World  

Online games have gotten quite a lot of popularity in recent years. Games like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, League Of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all break the barriers of racial or cultural differences. As in such games, players are supposed to coordinate and work together as a team in order to win, people forget about such differences and pave ways for communication worldwide.  

Such kinds of online games have even created friendships across the world, no matter what the media or politics portrays.

One of the Means of Education

Long gone are those days when parents or even students themselves used to merely rely on textbooks for education. There are a wide variety of video games such as Minecraft: Education Edition, Math Blaster, Big Brain Academy, etc. that help students especially younger ones with almost any subject while making it super engaging.

Most of the children even learn more quickly by playing educational games than with the traditional method of education. That’s the reason why most education systems have incorporated educational games as part of their syllabus.

Source of Promotion for Music

With the overgrowing influence of video gaming on the world, even artists are taking advantage of this platform. In 2019, Alan Walker announced that he collaborated with PUBG to make “on my way” its first-year anniversary theme song and this has also allowed him to gain more than 405 million views on YouTube as of now. Even video games like GTA Vice City used a variety of songs in the clubs or radio stations in the vehicles to promote songs of the artists.

Contribution to Modern Artistic Culture

Video gaming has contributed to modern artistic culture as well, although some people disagree with this as they believe that video games are supposed to be won whereas art is an expression. Still, there’s no doubt how arts have been incorporated into an assortment of video games.

One of the popular games, the Katamari series allows its players to create a star by putting together and arranging a variety of objects. Likewise, 2009’s Flower lets its users control a bunch of petals in the wind while they gracefully glide through nature.

Additionally, the video games now even include their own musical score as well as beautifully designed graphics by experts. This is all some form of modern art. 

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