GamerLegion wins Elisa Invitational Winter 2023

The final skirmish started on Ancientt, which was CF's choice. The “siuhy” team then started on the defensive side and took both the pistol shot and the next two innings. After that, a very even fight began. Terrorists scored six rounds in the attack before the break, which is a very good result on this map. After switching sides, none of the formations could gain a clear advantage. The rounds played were very even, and details often decided about the victory. Ultimately, GamerLegion managed to close this match with a triumph of 16:14.

Then the struggle moved to Inferno. The first half of the meeting turned out to be the same as on the previous map. Siuhy's team was leading 9:6, although it is worth noting that this result was achieved in the attack. In the second part of the game, however, Copenhagen Flames came to the fore. In the end, overtime was needed to determine the winner. In this case, it was GamerLegion who showed their dominance and did not give up even a single point to the opponents in the extra time, which translated into a 19:15 win. In this way, GL triumphed in the whole meeting in the ratio of 2:0.

Defeat on the last straight. HONORIS will not play at ESL Challenger in Australia

The HONORIS players presented themselves from a fantastic side during the entire qualifier cycle for ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023. Unfortunately, on the final straight they finally got to know the taste of defeat, so they will miss the Australian event.

HONORIS started the struggle for a ticket to Melbourne in the open qualifying stage and went through it undefeated. At that time, the Poles beat, among others, Team Spirit academy, which won CCT West Europe a moment earlier. Then it was time for the closed stage and in it the winning streak of Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and the company continued. It was surprising because the Polish five were by no means counted among the favourites for promotion, and yet they managed to leave the higher-ranked Copenhagen Flames and FORZA in the defeated field.

Thanks to this, HONORIS made it to the final of the European qualifiers, where it could finally seal its success. The last obstacle on the way of the Poles was ECSTATIC, with which the players of Vincent "VinS" Józefiak had already won in the final of the upper bracket, which seemed to be a good omen for the future. But then the stairs began, because yesterday's skirmish began with a smooth triumph of rivals 16: 6 on Ancient. Then the Poles levelled the match, winning 16:13 at Inferno, but the last word belonged to the Danes. It was them who, after a very weak first half, ended with the result 6:9, returned and with a throw on the tape tipped the scales in their favour. And this means that ECSTATIC, not HONORIS, will go to Melbourne.

ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 will take place between April 28 and 30 and will provide participants with a total prize pool of $100,000. In addition to ECSTATIC, the competition will feature, among others: Bad News Eagles, Complexity and IHC Esports.

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NAVI Javelins start with triumph

Polish players from NAVI started their adventure with the third season of the competition with a clash with the freshly minted representatives of G2 Esports. The first map of this clash was Mirage, where the Javelins easily dealt with the Samurai with a score of 16:7. Then it was time for Nuke, where Zainab "zAAz" Turkie and her friends tipped the scales in their favour, triumphing 16:14. So both teams needed a third skirmish, which took place on Inferno. There, our compatriots once again took the initiative and did not give it up until the end, winning 16:9 and closing the whole match with the result 2:1.

Another meeting of group B ended with the same result, in which the players debuting in the colors of GUILD turned out to be better than the five from Eastern Europe from the Angels tag. It was also interesting in set A, where the defending champions from Nigma Galaxy suffered an unexpected defeat. The champions of the recent ESL Impact Katowice were defeated 0:2 by Ninjas in Pajamas, but the day before they managed to beat the closing MVP table. MVP, which already has two losses on its account, because it also turned out to be weaker than Astralis. BIG EQUIPA, the conqueror of Aces, added three points to her achievements.

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