Five Video Games You Can Win Actual Real Money Betting On

With so many of us spending hours of our adolescent evenings playing our favourite video games, it’s often been many gaming fans dream to be able make money on video games. It may have seemed a mere pipe dream several years ago but in this day and age there are plenty of video games you can bet and win real money on, and here’s five.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This classic CPU first person shooter series first hit our computer screens back in 1999, with the release of the original Counter-Strike. The game was so popular with fans that they released a further 3 titles, but it wasn’t until Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hit our computers in 2012 that the professional competitive scene came to light. Modern day CS:GO esports tournaments prizepools can offer over $1million in winnings which shows the extent and popularity of the competitive CSGO scene.

Modern day esports tournaments are watched by thousands of fans across the world and is almost as big as some of the traditional sporting events. Fans can even bet on esports and many people have made money this way. CS:GO is one of the most popular esports betting titles out there.


It’s everybody’s favourite soccer video game and a huge part of the fun of playing FIFA is the competitive side; playing against people around the world online in a league system and local play against your friends.

With sports betting being such a common feature of traditional soccer spectating, betting on FIFA the video game was always going to be a thing. There are many FIFA esports tournaments around the world, none bigger than the eWorld Cup, which attracts thousands of viewers and has $500,000 worth of prize money.

All FIFA esports tournaments are big betting events for fans who stream the events and you too can get involved with this and try to win money playing this popular soccer video game.


Keeping on trend with sports themed video games, NBA2K is the one of the most popular basketball games around. Whether you’re on the urban courts or the courts of the NBA league, NBA2K has been entertaining basketball fans across the globe since its release. The game rewards skilful and intelligent gameplay, so naturally it has an esports league.

Betting on NBA2K works exactly the same as betting on a real life basketball game, except you are betting on the players taking control, not the actual characters in the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

One of the newer options of video game betting is CoD: Warzone. This Battle Royale online shooter game was first released in March 2020.

It kept video game fanatics entertained during the Covid-19 pandemic in which they were kept indoors for several months in lockdown. Although this game is enjoyed casually among gamers, there is a competitive scene as well and you can make money betting on your favourite teams such as NRG Esports, FaZe Clan and 1000 Thieves.


Fortnite is probably the most commonly played Battle Royale game out there and is enjoyed by literally millions of fans across all age groups around the world. Such is the popularity and skill involved with playing Fortnite, in 2019 It held a World Cup in New York with a multimillion dollar prizepool and the eventual solo winner took home a cool $3 million dollars.

Fans love to watch stream of professional players play Fortnite, so it is not unusual that people are betting on the top pros and making money doing so.

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