Download Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21 for free on Android

Players can continue to explore the world of the game, as there are many interesting things in the Minecraft 1.21.0 edition. Among other things, the developers added:

  • New unusual mobs in the Taiga;
  • ore growing on flowers;
  • unique forests with new mushrooms;
  • the ability to paint ancient pots.


Traveling around the world of Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21 will be interesting for those who like to meet new mobs. The developers have settled aggressive creatures in the Taiga, and also added additional functions to existing ones.




The developers have supplemented the fauna of the game world by adding fireflies. To craft a lantern, the player needs to catch one of the insects and put it in a jar.

Cherry Dinosaurs

There are creatures in the game that have cherry trees growing on their backs. The animals have gigantic growth and an unusual pink color.


Exploring the Taiga has become a dangerous adventure, because now Trolls live there. These are hostile mobs, which are better to fight with weapons.


The flora of the virtual world has become more diverse. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.0 Trails and Tales, players could find touch flowers and plant them in their garden, and now they have the opportunity to grow ore on flowers. Unique plants can be found in Crystal Caves.

Those who like to look for ancient seeds should pay attention to Pitcher Crop in Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21. This plant has several stages of growth and is quite easy to care for.

Items customization

Previously, players had to look for mods for MCPE to get more archaeology items. The developers have created another version of the decorative pot in Minecraft PE 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21, and a smaller one. These beautiful decorative elements can be customized by changing their color.

The armor can still be changed, but now there are even more types of templates. It is best to go in search of them in Trail Ruins.


Cherry biome has attracted players before, because it is a place where it is possible to get wood and meet animals. In Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21, users can collect cherries here and satisfy their hunger with it. There are two types of these berries: red and gold.

Another place where there is a lot of wood is a Birch forest. This is a place that many users have dreamed of seeing in their world.

It is also worth looking for new mushrooms and flowers here.

Download Minecraft 1.21.30, 1.21.0 and 1.21 for free on Android

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