'Cozy' Video Games Showcase the Calmer Side of Gaming

The modern gaming landscape is gradually changing to accommodate different needs by gamers. For example, not all games are about fast cars and space shootouts. In the past, games were primarily about competitive shooting. However, cozy games are the direct opposite of that approach. These types of games are slowly becoming popular among the gaming community. You can also find cozy games on casino sites that attract users who don't like competitive games. So, if you thought gaming does not have a comfortable side, you thought wrong.

Some of the top gamers worldwide claim that titles such as Stardew Valley that allows players to cultivate a farm and interact with virtual townspeople, have become very popular. Another cozy video game that has been making airwaves is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game has become so popular that Nintendo, its developer, has sold over thirty million copies.

One of the cozy game developers claimed that the purpose of their games is to make people relax. One such developer is Whitethorn Digital which has released games like Beasts of Maravilla Island. In the game, you will assume the role of a wildlife photographer on a tropical island.

This fall, the company is planning to launch a new game dubbed Lake. The game will let players act as a postal worker named Meredith, who goes back to her attractive, lakeside hometown. This new game will allow you to choose your adventure by talking to several characters, driving a mail truck, and rekindling old relationships. You can also just stay home and read a book in the game.

At the end of the game, you will have to make a final decision. You can decide whether you want Meredith to go back to her tough job in the big city or remain in the town where she grew up. This is a stress-free game that helps you relax after a tough day working.

Moreover, cozy games are not just about farming simulators and other stories. Reports suggest that some cozy gamers find horror games relaxing. For example, a game like Carrion allows players to occupy a nebulous monster horrifying an underground facility with unsuspecting humans.

Carrion shows that violent games can still be played casually. Even though the game is violent and gross, it allows gamers to play it casually in a fun way. Regardless of the game's subject matter, the bottom line is that a cozy game bears three main characteristics. One, the game should be approachable, two, it should be stress-free, and finally, a cozy game ought to be bite-sized.

The beauty of cozy games is that anyone can play them. Also, the fact that the games are stress-free means you don't have to worry about losing the game as it does not have dire consequences like losing your progress.

Bottom Line

It is clear that the gaming audience is gradually changing. In the past, games were all about the thrill of the challenge and winning. However, the modern-day gamer has become more casual and needs a stress-free game they can play on the train as they head to work. The cozy video games have helped to show that video games can be relaxed and cozy. Do you want to take a break from competitive games? Would you please try a cozy video game of your choice?       

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