Beneficial Guidance for Those Who are Going to Go to Torghast

One of the most interesting places available in the game, where you can not only fight a huge number of monsters but also collect useful resources, is the Tower of the Damned. This place is famous for the fact that only here you can collect the ingredients that are essential to craft special examples of weapons and armor. It is also important that here if you kill the villains inside, you can be rewarded with various unique awards, titles, get a new pet or a new vehicle.

The Tower consists of many layers, each of which is not similar to the others. Getting to different layers, you will see how their design differs, as well as the internal layout. You will face a huge number of villains, monsters, and you can also fall into various traps that can be located in different corners.

Getting there

Getting to this place may not be as easy as you want. First, you need to reach a certain level, which must be at least 60. Having reached the faction ruling here, you will be required to complete some tasks. Next, you will be introduced to characters that will lead you directly to your desired destination. Near the entrance, you will be able to observe the room, which is locked. There is a mysterious creature here. After you do everything that is required of you, then you can get to this creature and talk to him. Having done this, you will be able to start your adventure in the Tower.

It may seem to many players that you can be here without getting out. However, later you will realize that this does not make much sense, since here the main action is to collect currency for which you can craft weapons, but this currency is limited in number per week. That is, if you collect the maximum amount, then it makes no sense for you to be here and fight monsters since you will not receive any benefits.

As you progress through the various floors and layers, you will be able to receive some temporary buffs. In addition, you will encounter rare opponents who will not be so easy to overcome. In this regard, Torghast Layers completion boost can help you. You can get a variety of achievements, as well as cosmetic rewards and toys.

When you first hit this place, you can feel how your player will be affected by some negative forces that will interfere with you in every possible way. You will face the very first difficulties already at the first level. You will see how you will not be able to change your specialization, talents, and equipment. Already after two layers, some zones will appear in which you will not be affected by negative forces, so there you can do everything you need, as well as purchase useful things.


Here you will be able to observe 7 layers, however, one of them will not be like the others, since this layer will consist of others. If you can find standard rewards as well as currency in all regular layers, then when you get here, some cosmetic rewards will also be available to you. Most often, it is not referred to as the main layers, since it consists of Twisting corridors.

However, do not assume that all places will be open to you at the same time. Every seven days, only two will open for you, and you will also be able to get into special corridors. Each of these layers consists of many levels. You must understand that with each level increase, you will meet monsters and enemies on your way, which will be more difficult than all the previous ones.

When you first enter the tower, you can only discover one block. To move on to another, you will need to complete all the levels of this layer, and only then your progress will be saved, and you will be able to continue to conquer higher floors.

If you think that conquering the layers will be easy for you, then we hasten to warn you that this is not so. When you are in the corridors, you will be able to see that everything is much more complicated here. Here the difficulty levels are tripled. Not only is the number of levels greater, but their difficulty grows exponentially. For instance, the 3rd floor here will be much more difficult than the 3rd floor in a regular layer. The only positive is that as you progress through these corridors, you will receive a special currency that can later be exchanged with a local merchant for various items and rewards.


One merchant who matters in this whole story is Ve'nari. Thanks to her, you can access this place, and she is also the only creature from which you can purchase various items and power-ups. However, interacting with her will not be so easy. To be able to buy anything, you need to have a special currency that can only be obtained in the Corridors, as we said earlier. As your reputation level increases, you will be able to see that the merchant will offer you better items. To be able to do this, you need to work on your reputation. You can do this if you complete the daily quest chain, and also if you help her with her tasks.

Finding out what unique items she has to offer you will want to complete all the tasks. She can sell you a special item that won't count against your first death. This is just a small part of what she can offer you.

She is not the only one whom you will face. However, you should understand that any merchant who meets on your way will be able to offer you only a limited number of items and goods. That is why you should try to get the best deals as soon as possible.


This place is amazing, but also especially challenging. There are various norms and orders that each player will have to get used to. However, if you get the hang of it, you can easily complete levels of varying difficulty and earn special items and rewards.


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