Mobile gaming tendencies during a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to change our lifestyle. At first, it was difficult to move to the level of home Internet and minimize communication in real life. Is it surprising that mobile gaming has skyrocketed during the lockdown? Probably not. But the figures are surprisingly impressive: we are downloading 35% more games than usual and spending 40% more time on them (GlobeNewswire - Global Mobile Gaming Industry report). What is coming next?

The truth is, the same thing happened with gamblers: access to their favorite pastime was closed because a heap of people cannot be gathered. Nevertheless, people switched to online casino games, which are even more convenient and made it possible to play right from a warm bed. Mobile gaming allows people to concentrate and raise their chances to win in the casino. 

A new era of mobile games

The gambling environment is constantly changing, coming up with different strategies, techniques that improve the quality of the game and comfort. These changes have forced casino operators to rethink the way they conduct their business to ensure customer satisfaction and positive turnover. We have collected the most important online gaming tendencies for 2021. 

  • Due to the lack of communication with people and changes in real life, people began to give preference to virtual reality games. It allows people to change the atmosphere and try something new. It means that online gambling in virtual reality will have an unreal success for 2021. 
  • An increase in mobile applications (モバイルカジノ) and online casino sites is expected. Online gambling has existed for a long time but there has never been an increase in users. People no longer want to go to their favorite casino halls because it is more convenient to play on the phone. Therefore, the rise of mobile games will continue;
  • There will be safe use of mobile casino games. Many casino operators who have decided to open the world of online games and move on to it, think about the introduction of two-factor authentication. However, all online casino owners provide licenses now. There will also be face control, fast withdrawals, and an approved user system. Moreover, the government will also ensure the security of this area. It means that you can feel comfort and safety without any problems;
  • Advertisers will be providing a different online casino advertising system. This is because many people are annoyed by advertisements about online casinos that are found on different platforms and on social networks. There will be more sports betting advertisements and casino review services like , offering the best terms. E-marketing is still popular because people check-up their email often and come across interesting ads;

The predominance of casinos without registration

Many people don’t want to play in casinos where they need a long registration with their dates. It is not convenient. Therefore, people start to create fast casinos without registration. Such a way makes it easier and safer for players to play their favorite games without entering their personal log in details. They can quickly deposit money directly to the website, and if they need a break, they can log back into the site at any time to continue playing or get their money back. By the way, casino owners expect more and more women. According to statistics, in 2021 there will be even more female gamblers than men. 

This year, the online casino industry decided to increase the number of technologies to improve the gaming experience. This will exactly provide a better future for online sites and applications. We have selected the top casino trends for the next year that you should pay attention to but we predict that many more changes are coming. Enjoy your favorite online casino games!

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