Are Mass Multiplayer Games the Future of Gaming?

We have seen a huge rise in the number of mass multiplayer games over the past decade. These games have grown in popularity and managed to attract a large number of players. These games are having a big impact on the market, not just because of players, but also because of watchers.

These games are part of a genre that has been used by the eSports industry, which is competitive gaming. The world of eSports is rapidly rising, and attracting a huge amount of people, not only as players but also as watchers. This has led to a rise in eSports betting sites UK players can access taking bets on the events as they come around, offering people the chance to not only watch the action, but also backing their favourite players and teams to do well.

Given the focus on this, the fact that newcomers into the gaming industry are likely to be drawn to these games through eSports, could mass multiplayer games be the future and everything that the gaming industry relies on in years to come?

Can eSports Become an Entry for New Players into Gaming?

While the eSports industry is a part of gaming, the two are different. However, what eSports can provide for the gaming industry is a way in. As mentioned above, people are now betting and watching eSports all over the world, checking out the big events and the big names involved in those.

Some will decide that they want to watch only, and don’t want to play along, but there will be others who do want to do this, and this is going to give them their entry point into the gaming industry. Given eSports attract sports fans, not only will we see them turning to the big mass multiplayer online games, but sports games could also see a boost because of this.

People are naturally going to look at games they are familiar with, because they are watching them being played, or games based on their current interests and hobbies.

For example, if a football fan starts betting on CS:GO, if they decide to turn to gaming, CS:GO is of course going to appeal to them, but we could also see them looking at a game such as FIFA 22 due to their football interest.

Multiplayer gaming has always had strong appeal since the online world was opened up. However, we have seen this spread across a variety of different game types in the past, as people entered the industry from a variety of different angles. That may still happen, but on a much larger scale, we could see players entering the industry from the world of eSports.

Should this happen as it appears as though it will, the big multiplayer eSports, plus the most popular sports themed games, are likely to be the ones that players want to play, which will ultimately make these games the future of gaming as a whole.

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