Age-Gap Relationships as a Modern Trend in Games, the Dating Industry, and Other Aspects

Are you currently in a partnership with someone where there’s quite a difference in your ages? Or are you a single who has always been drawn to the age-gap dynamic and who is actively seeking an older/younger partner? The good news is, in an uncertain world, these relationships are becoming increasingly popular. Many young people are seeking emotional (and economic) stability rather than frivolous get-togethers. This trend is being reflected in the leisure activity popular with people of all ages – computer gaming. Sure, gamers love shooting up aliens or zombies or breakneck car races! But the most successful games are those drawing in players emotionally. So, games highlighting a range of personal relationships will always attract a lot of attention. Here, we’ll look into how the digital world is encouraging people to go online to find their ideal partner, as well as considering age gaps as a theme in love stories within games.

Looking for the Right Person

If there was ever a time when society would raise an eyebrow when older men dated much younger females (or visa versa), that just isn’t the case anymore. Times have moved on, and where romance is concerned, so many people follow their hearts rather than what might be ‘expected’ of them. There are even specific categories for the type of age-gap romance singles might be drawn to. If we’re talking about guys smitten with older, sophisticated, and supremely sensual mature women, then the latter are referred to as cougars, while the former are their cubs. MILFs (mothers I’d like to fondle – other f-words are available!) are gaining traction, and MILFs looking for young guys are flocking to the online environment. Any cougar or MILF eager to pursue an affair with a virile dude (who might also love gaming) can take their pick of the talent available – literally at their fingertips. What better way to arrange get-togethers than joining an age-gap online dating service, browsing through profiles of eligible men, and then exchanging details via your laptop or smart device?

Games Focusing on Romantic Encounters

Gaming is always an activity that can bring couples together, no matter their differing backgrounds. Grasping the console and escaping to the wonderful alternative dimensions offered by the diverse backgrounds is always an excellent way to connect – regardless of age range, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Here’s a sample of the many games focusing on relationships of all kinds.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In this fantasy, you are an inquisitor, and your job is to quell civil unrest, but more importantly, discover what’s behind mysterious holes in the sky causing devastation. You can recruit followers to your quest, and each of these characters has three-dimensional qualities, from their politics and morals to sexual identities. Some of these protagonists might just be seeking someone significantly older or younger. That’s the beauty of this particular title – it may be a fantasy but it is rooted in real-life dynamics.

Mask of the Plague Doctor

This is a game that has certainly moved with the times. You can choose to play as male, female or non-binary; straight or LGBT. The actual storyline involves a town, Thornback Hollow, under quarantine because inhabitants are infected with a disease known as ‘Walking Death.’ But some characters – grizzled but handsome - seem to be the opposite of a Milf – a Dilf!

Dream Daddy

This is a game you will find emotionally charged. The main protagonist is a divorcee who has moved to a new town with his daughter. As you get to know the other dads, whole new layers are unpeeled. The characters open up about issues such as the traumas of separation and divorce, and the problems they encounter raising a kid. Some of these introductions have a sexual frisson, although if there are affairs, these take place in the background. It's all about celebrating the diversity of attachments.

The Witcher 3

Romance plays quite a part in this hugely-popular fantasy game, originating in Poland. Your main protagonist is a monster slayer, but along the way, you can have all sorts of fun engineering intimate liaisons. In earlier versions, players could exchange playing cards (like trophies) for engaging in sexual activities. There are also brothels, but the primary dynamic is for real, meaningful relationships that last.

To make the most of gaming, it always pays to keep a finger on the pulse. Much as you might develop particular favorites, there are always new releases waiting on the horizon, ready to become the next best thing for legions of gamers. So, always check out online news or social media for snippets of information. If something catches your eye, make plans to ensure to grab a copy as soon as it’s available. This could spice up your love life, too, as you suggest an exciting venture for a date night!

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