Will eSports Replace Virtual Sports Betting with Bookmakers?

The traditional betting sports are available with bookmakers and have been for a number of years. Since then, we have seen them branch out into many different aspects of gambling, and two of those are virtual sports betting and eSports betting.

In the past, virtual sports have offered people the chance to place a bet when they wanted, if there was no live sport, virtual was available. That isn’t as needed now we have worldwide coverage from bookmakers, as essentially, there is always something happening soon.

With that in mind, for those who are looking to have something of interest that is completely different to sports betting, could eSports replace virtual sports betting with bookmakers? On top of this, should it happen, would we then see more sports games being used by the eSports industry?

The Rise of eSports Betting

We have seen eSports betting change dramatically over the past few years, and there are no signs of this slowing down at any point soon. Bookmakers are always looking for ways in which they can attract players, using betting sign up offers to attract players, alongside opening up their service as much as they can to bring a diverse group of people to their site.

The number of eSports events covered has grown dramatically, as has the ways in which you can bet on tournaments and individual games. This has all put together a very strong service for anyone looking to get involved, one that is a similar size to the virtual betting options currently out there.

On top of this, live streaming has become a big part of eSports betting, with bookmakers offering players the chance to tune in and watch the action, again something that allows eSports to match what virtual sports have.

However, of course the big difference is that eSports is real life gaming, so there is a chance for people to become connected to those taking part, whether this is particular teams or individuals they are watching.

Teams such as Team Liquid, who lead the way in terms of eSports overall earnings, would be able to build up their fan base even further by appealing to gamblers who are placing bets on their success. Gamers love eSports and many watch the action taking place, but if gamblers also tune in then this is a whole new army of people that could become involves and take the eSports industry to the next level.

Non-Stop Coverage

The biggest appeal that eSports is going to have in the future is the non-stop coverage on offer for players. The great pull of virtual sports was that it could be accessed at any time, but now, we are seeing almost the same from eSports.

If this can continue, and more events are offered by the bookmakers, including streams to watch them, then it is certainly a possibility that the eSports industry could become the main option instead of virtual gaming, for those wanting something different.

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