Continued Change for Online Gaming Platforms

Games of chance have become a big point of focus for different regulation and legislation when it comes to online gaming as a whole as the past few years have seen a major crackdown on mainstream services – whilst direct options for online casinos like those found at have managed to avoid much of the scrutiny, games that include these options haven’t, and it doesn’t seem like there will be any light at the end of the tunnel where change is concerned, as measures appear to only be getting more strict, and more prevalent too.

One of the big changes seen recently has been aimed at the Dutch market – having launched it’s regulated online gaming space, online gambling has now been legalised, but also means games that had these features included previously have had to go through a lot of change or face legal action, where some online platforms have taken to the extreme of disabling features completely to not run into any grey area further down the line. One such game receiving a lot of backlash lately is with the nearly two-decade old title of Maplestory, published by Nexon, which features a number of different gacha mechanics popular at the time. These changes have meant Dutch players within the game can no longer trade items at all or access certain features in the game, alienating a large part of the European playerbase, and in some sense a show of the wrong way to put the changes requested in place.

Other games that have faced scrutiny but are fighting the changes come from the likes of FIFA, the player packs that are a paid part of the game were deemed as gambling a number of months ago and had been facing fines and restrictions since, and the argument around where this option falls will likely continue for quite some time and likely with plenty of legal intervention too, as other countries particularly around Europe put these changes into place, different games will fall under the microscope to have these games of chance within them investigated and either changed, removed, or find a space to operate where the legislation and changes may allow them to.

There will certainly be many more changes to come too and given different games of chance and gambling options have become so prevalent as microtransactions in the latest games, these changes will impact some of the most favourite games played by millions, and will see some of the biggest and most impactful features changed too for players in certain regions, with those playing from other regions likely to see these changes trickling in over time and for a wider variety of game features too.

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