Most profitable bonuses for Australian players in online casino 2022

The online casinos available in Australia are almost no different from those in the rest of the world. Of course, legal restrictions do have their effect. However, because playing online games of chance is not prohibited in kangaroo country, the demand for it is very high.

Bonuses, being an infinitely important part of online casinos, can also vary somewhat. In this article, we bring you the best bonuses that Australians can receive at gambling establishments from the site Let's get started!

Types of bonuses

To begin with, let's find out exactly what benefits you can get as bonuses in online casinos.

Free spins

The most popular type of bonus in establishments that have pokies. It's simple, you get to spin the reels (figuratively, of course) completely free, but with certain conditions.

Most likely the bet will be a fixed minimum, jackpots and some bonus games are not available, and the gains can not be cashed out immediately. In addition, free spins may have an expiration date, upon the expiration of which all unspent ones will disappear.


Also a popular type of bonus, which can be found everywhere. In the vast majority of cases, it's about bonus multipliers on deposits.

Under certain times and conditions, you get bonus money on deposit. For example, with an x3 multiplier, you get 300 bucks by depositing only 100.

However, there are nuances here as well. Bonuses have an upper limit beyond which you won't get any extra money. For example, if the cap is 3000 AUD, then for the same x3 multiplier you will get no more than 3000 bonuses, even if you deposit 10,000.

Rarely, however, is it about increasing betting multipliers in games. Such cases are very rare, so there is no point in focusing on them.

Free games

Same as free spins, but suitable for different games in the casino. Usually, there are some restrictions on what games you can play using this bonus, so read the terms. Also, this is the sole replacement for the popular free spins in the casinos without pokies.

Bonus money

This type of bonus is less common than free spins and multipliers but is also still present. The idea is somewhat similar to multipliers, but it is usually a fixed value. Not as beneficial as you desire. Cannot be withdrawn immediately too.


There are many more types of less popular freebies that you can discover yourself.

The ones that are worth special attention are tourneys and event entries. It’s pretty rare and difficult to obtain and is always up to you if you need them.

Getting them

There are many ways for Aussies to get online casino bonuses. Shall we look at them now?

New player bonuses

Always referred to as welcome bonuses. Several ways to obtain this. The most obvious, start playing at the new venue. If you are new, you get some freebies after sign-up or even before it, it’s called a no-deposit bonus. 

The first deposit multiplier is also a part of welcome bonuses. Can be applied only to the very first deposit or to several first deposits, depending on the conditions. Typically it is very generous and almost impossible not to take advantage of it, and there is no point. You're going to make a deposit to play at the casino anyway, so why not get bonuses for it?

Deposit bonuses

For spending time in the game, making bets, and taking part in various activities, and most importantly for regular deposits, you accumulate a loyalty rating. As you reach certain milestones on this rating, your actions in the casino will be more and more profitable. For example, higher deposit multipliers, more free spins, etc.

For VIP players, a.k.a. big spenders or high rollers, there are special rewards. Most often these are not as simple as free games, rather it's event passes or even bonus content for games. Of course, any business loves its most loyal clients, casinos are no exception to the rule.

Affiliate system

You probably know it as a referral program or simple bring-a-friend. You give your unique referral link to your friends or place it in SNS and get showered in gold. Well, not literally, but for every new player that started playing using your link, you get bonuses. You get even more for their deposits. 

Don’t get it wrong, your friends lose absolutely nothing, but you are the one that gets rewards. Completely free.


Events, both one-time and repeated, promos, and other unique offers that you can get. Some of them are quite lucrative and add extra variety to the game.

There are two types.

  • Global, taking place everywhere in the casino. Usually attached to an event of any kind. All players can take part in it under certain conditions. In most cases, it takes place in a certain period of time, which you can learn about in advance.
  • Personal promotions. You get them when you reach certain milestones in the game or at random. Sort of a repeat of the welcome bonus, sometimes even as lucrative.
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