Mobile Gambling Trends

The competition in such a rapidly developing industry is serious: to stay profitable, the owners of gambling sites need to be aware of all the main trends in the field. Success comes only to those who can be on top of the wave.

So what will never be changed, and what’s new coming next years? Let’s find out.

Standard must-haves that exist now

First of all, some things remain unchanged over the years. For example, every casino must have a license, reliable hosting, partnership with the best providers: Microgaming, Betsoft, Endorphina, NetEnt. Also, an available bonus system is a must-have, example of an extensive one you can find at

But for many years, that’s not enough. The competition is tough, and that’s the reason for companies to evolve. So let’s look at the innovations in this industry that are the main factors of success in modern realities. 

New markets for online gambling

The geography of gambling and the popularity of online casinos are being expanded. This year, experts predict growth in such regions as Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The development of the gambling sphere in these territories will be facilitated by the active introduction of innovations in various spheres of life, the availability of the Internet in smartphones, and innovations in legislation.

VR and Live Casino Games

Undoubtedly, the main factor in attracting customers was and remained the improvement of technologies and the use of new ones. For several years, a lot of noise has existed around virtual reality – it has reached many industries and has become publicly available. As a result, complete immersion in another reality is already commonplace. But as for the casinos, they are just starting to implement this technology, but the players are already delighted: they can be in any place of the world, but enjoy the game and have the feeling that they are sitting at the same table with their opponents.

Telegram Casino

Last year, many appreciated the convenience of the Telegram messenger for gambling. In particular, with its help, it is possible to play even with a bad mobile Internet signal. A telegram bot is an intermediary between an online casino and a player, which is very convenient in those countries where gambling traffic is blocked. The algorithms of actions are registered on the gambling resource itself, and the user gets access to it and can play by using commands in the chat (place bets, withdraw funds, and much more). The main features include anonymity, secure communication channels, and no advertising.

Blockchain – a new reality

Blockchain technology is involved in many areas where transparency of processes and speed of financial transactions are essential. Its advantages are also used in the gambling industry – thanks to the introduction of blockchain into the operation of gambling resources, users can pay with crypto and be confident in companies' honesty. Many slots sites use this technology today. Gaming industry regulators check casinos and issue licenses.

Some regulators cooperate with developers of blockchain modules. Thanks to the blockchain, verification is simplified because the regulator sees all the actions of the blockchain casino in real-time.
So, as we can see, the most significant influence on the development of casinos is the development of technologies in general. They give the impetus that drives gambling. The dynamic events of our world, of course, make their own changes and directly affect the course and development of the business as a whole: how much has changed only in the last 2 years due to the Coronavirus. That is why it is important to stay on the wave and to be the first who knows all the updates.

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