Why are MyStake’s bonuses more popular than the rest?

If you take a look at some of the world’s best gambling websites, you will find a lot of similarities. Aside from the designs and the betting categories, most sites will also provide a lot of different bonuses.

Not all offers are that good, but an overview of the mystake promo code shows that some are substantially better than everything else. Gamblers familiar with this brand won’t be surprised by what it offers because MyStake is a company that has been around for years. It has many loyal fans interested in using its bonuses when wagering on sports or playing casino games.

But why are MyStake’s promotions more popular than those found elsewhere when they provide similar things? We’re about to find out.

The amount required for a deposit for the sports offer is not that high

Every top-tier gambling website will have a welcome bonus because this reward is one of the main tools bookmakers and casinos use to attract new clients. However, not all sites are the same because their welcome offer has specific requirements, such as a minimum deposit requirement.

While most gambling sites will demand new users to transact a minimum of $50 or even more, MyStake has a different approach. The site wants to make its welcome proposition accessible to more users, which means it has a lower deposit requirement because gamblers must add $20 or more to use it.

Interestingly, this requirement is also valid for the welcome offer for eSports and the casino category. Even though these perks are slightly different from the sportsbooks proposal, it shares some requirements.

MyStake has an eSports offer

If you keep an eye on the sports betting industry, you probably know that eSports are slowly taking over. Even some of the best online casinos in the world have added the option for clients to wager on eSports because those things have many fans. People like wagering on them because of their high odds and attractive betting markets.

Although many platforms have eSports as a betting option, only a few provide users with the option to get a bonus for them. Luckily, myStake is one of the brands that fall into this category because its bonuses are special.

The eSports section’s welcome offer will allow new signees to double their initial transaction. As mentioned, it has to be at least $20, but the interesting thing is that the maximum amount can reach up to $500, which is way more than expected. On top of that, the offer has a 10x wagering requirement, which is better than most other proposals.

The maximum bet you can place while using a casino bonus is higher than usual

One of the common rules that gamblers must keep in mind is that their maximum bet will be limited while using an active promotion. The deposit or bet liimit depends on the bookie, but it is usually around $1 or $2, meaning they must place tons of bets before completing the rollover requirements.

Even though MyStake is also one of the gambling platforms with a limit to the maximum bet people can use with an offer, this limit is much higher than usual. Instead of having to wager $1 or $2, once you get the welcome proposition for the casino games, you can place a bet of up to $5. Despite the fact that this number may not seem that high, a quick comparison between the best sites in the industry reveals it is better than the rest.

Don’t forget that some of the offers from MyStake may have additional requirements that people must adhere to. Hence, it is important to read all of the rules before you start betting. 

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