Fight against illegal gambling

In recent years, gambling has become a favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. Legal online casinos made it possible for casino fans to play at any place and moment that is convenient for them. Just get your bonus, such as from the list of bonuses at Yeti casino online and play! There are no dress code rules, no limits on the time you spend playing, and even no human dealers and opponents as some casino games are automated. However, with how easy online gambling has become, the way for illegal gambling has also been facilitated significantly. So how does the legal gambling industry fight to keep online casino players safe?

Online Casino Licensing and Technical Security

The first point of the illegal gambling issue is the overwhelming number of illegal casino sites that operate without a license and thus can implement whichever rules and regulations for the players as they see fit. A regular player or a beginner when it comes to casino gambling may not be able to tell a safe casino from a dubious one. This is why casino experts continuously remind players about the top factors of a safe online casino:

  • a license by a local or international gambling authority
  • verified and secure methods of payment 
  • ID verification and geo-blocking technology
  • security technologies such as SSL certificate
  • customer support that can be reached at any time

Player Access Restrictions

As you may know, not every player who wants to register and play in a reputable online casino can do so. Any respectable gambling establishment has strict rules as to who can access their platform of casino games. As such, there are two main restrictions to consider:

  • age

Gambling is generally off-limits to anyone under the legal age of adulthood. Whichever top online casino you try to sign up for, the website should ask you to confirm your identity and prove that you are over 18 years old. Casinos carefully check the identity of new users to exclude the risk of accepting a minor onto the platform.

  • location

The US is enough of an example that even within the boundaries of one country, gambling laws can differ. If you are trying to access the online casino from a forbidden location, you won’t be able to sign in, collect a bonus, or play the games.

This is of course complicated by illegal players’ use of VPN. Online casinos constantly try to up the quality of their security measures and software to keep the illegal gamblers off the platform. 

Are These Measures Enough?

So is there any indication that the fight against illegal gambling will be over in the foreseeable future? Unfortunately, it is an unlikely situation as the Internet is becoming a much more complex and unpredictable space with each day. Through high-profile VPN technologies and various loopholes in the gambling laws in different countries, the illegal gamblers will continue to try and bypass the restrictions. Therefore, it is a constant fight for gambling authorities and legal casinos to advance the Internet security technologies and policies to tackle illegal gambling to the best ability. 

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