Best slot games based on video game franchises

There have been a number of video games to have inspired a number of top slot games within the iGaming industry.

Indeed, whilst many who will have checked out the Happyluke casino review and found that there are a number of them playable at the online platform, there may be questions about which of the iconic titles available are considered to be amongst the best.

Fear not, though, as we provide a run down of those that we deem to be the best and those that need to be experienced by every single slot player!

Street Fighter

Arguably, almost every single person in the world to have played an arcade game and those that can be played on generic consoles will know about the Street Fighter franchise and just how legendary it is. Indeed, despite having been released decades ago, NetEnt has decided to grace us with the ability to play it as a themed slot, which has been titled: “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior”.

The game itself features a number of the iconic graphics that were used in the original game series, whilst players can enjoy a respectable return to player (RTP) rate of 96.06% and a high level of volatility, thus making this game potentially lucrative when the five reels are spun!

Tomb Raider

Adventure-themed video games have always been a huge hit for gamers regardless of their other preferences and it could be argued that there is no bigger adventure than Lara Croft. Indeed, the Tomb Raider series has been a huge success within popular culture and entertainment, with a number of blockbuster films and extraordinary games to have been created.

Microgaming is the developer to thank for bringing those adventures to the slot game market as they have provided players with one of the best titles possible to play. The game features a number of themes that are expected, as well as graphics, whilst also combining the action with a number of features that keep players on the edge of their seats like a good adventure should!

Resident Evil 6

Speaking of a video game franchise that has also been able to have some huge success as a film series too, Resident Evil is one that has also been introduced into the iGaming industry with a high degree of success.

Players are able to enjoy Skywind’s Resident Evil 6 slot game safely in the knowledge that they will receive the very best gameplay experiences possible as the visuals are akin to those that have been implemented in the classic video game. Furthermore, a number of exceptional bonuses that feature the characters from the franchise exist, whilst the 5-reel playing grid provides ample opportunities for players to be rewarded as there are 25 paylines available to form winning combinations on.

Call of Duty

It would be impossible to potentially leave out one of the biggest video game franchises to have ever existed - especially amid a recent sale that is taking place - when it comes to thinking about the best games to have been turned into slot titles.

Indeed, Call of Duty is a title that is known throughout the world, therefore the appeal and expectation would have already been sky-high, however Cryptologic managed to smash it out of the park as they provided one that lives up to all the boxes each player may have for it, including the available bonuses and the number of opportunities to potentially win.

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