4 alternative methods of payment at online casinos

The online gambling casino industry is always looking for new ways to improve and streamline its customer experience. One aspect of this involves broadening the range of available payment methods, so that users can be flexible in how they deposit and withdraw cash. 

In this article, we will look at the alternative payment methods that online casinos use and what benefits this can hold for the players.  Read on to find out more about your options below.

Pay n play casinos 

Pay and play casinos are for those who want flexibility, safety, and speed with their online casino experience. Sites like Gambleguardian.com offer the best selection of Zimpler pay casinos in Finland. 

What’s great about pay n play is that it offers rapid support for incoming and outgoing payments, which is specially designed for an online casino environment. The technology is instantaneous but also secure, meaning that users don’t need to worry about their money or the safety of transferring it from one place to another. 

It’s been approved by financial service authorities across Scandinavia and most of Europe as a safe and easy way to deposit cash and play online casino games. 


Crypto is an alternative payment method that’s taken the online casino world by storm over the past couple of years. 

With its history rooted in more illicit activity and means, skeptics were unsure whether cryptocurrency would be a trustworthy enough currency to use as a payment method for online casinos. 

However, recent changes to how cryptocurrency is recognized by governments as a financial service have ensured that cryptocurrency has more legislation and checks in place to protect customers. 

Many online casino platforms offer options to pay in cryptocurrency, which is often one of the faster alternative payment methods to withdraw and deposit cash. Tools such as crypto wallets also help users with instantaneous transactions whilst keeping their data safe. 

Bank transfer

An instant bank transfer service works similarly to a wire transfer with a focus on speed. Banks are accustomed to sending money to online casino platforms for their customers, so there should be no issue in sending payments. 

This can be done all through a mobile app, using your regular bank account details to move funds as required. 


Digital wallets are a common way for players to deposit or withdraw funds to and from an online casino platform. 

It’s a safe and secure way to manage your withdrawals, with high-level customer protection procedures. Examples of popular e-wallets include PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. 

The advantages of using an e-wallet are that it allows convenience and ease of use for the customer, whilst minimizing the risk of fraudulent activity. Players can use an e-wallet on the go and also reduce the costs and fees associated with transactions. 

What online casino payment method is right for you?

Whatever you decide to use as a payment option for online casinos, you won’t be short on choice. The ways in which users can deposit and withdraw funds are continuing to expand and develop.

Depending on your lifestyle and online casino preferences, it’s best to research and find the best one that you can use in your downtime. 

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