Mobile Legends Emblem Guide: How to Max Them Out

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When it comes to this fantastic MOBA game, there are many Mobile Legends Bang Bang ranks you’ll need to rise through to become the ultimate champion. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to play with the best heroes and builds as you win as many matches as possible. We’re going to show you how to max out any Mobile Legends emblem and apply them to characters.

The Nine Mobile Legends Emblems

When you start playing the game, you’ll receive two standard emblems. The items increase your stats in different ways, applying them to the heroes that need them the most. Once you hit level 10, you’ll unlock the seven unique Mobile Legends emblems that are linked to each rank.

How to Use Them On Your Heroes

Don’t be fooled that you should use an Assassin Emblem with an Assassin hero. Each one buffs a different set of stats that you should apply to the appropriate ranks for the role you intend to play in battle. You’ll need to decide which Mobile Legends emblem will suit your strategy best.

Here’s an idea of the hero ranks that will benefit from each item:

  • Tank Emblem: Fighters and tanks

  • Fighter Emb: Fighters and heroes that deal physical damage

  • Jungle Emb: Heroes Masha and Kimmy

  • Mage Emb: Mages, fighters, support, and assassins

  • Assassin Emb: Fighters, assassins, and marksmen

  • Marksman Emb: Assassins and marksmen

  • Support Emb: Tanks, support, fighters, and most heroes

Ways to Max Out Your Emblems

While having a Mobile Legends emblem will help make you stronger and more durable, you’ll want to upgrade and max them out for the full effect. Every four hours, you’ll receive a free chest that has the potential for upgrades. You should also focus on completing as many achievements as possible, or you can finish daily tasks for Magic Dust or a random emblem fragment.

Wear it Like a Badge of Honor

In the end, you’ll need to collect as many emblem fragments as possible to get them to the highest level possible Aim for the more general ones first, like support and fighter, until you can afford to specialize.

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