Heroes of Might & Magic V Gameplay

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Heroes of Might & Magic V is a fantasy turn-based strategy game, where planning turns ahead is crucial. However, opposing plaers can ruin your plans by interfering or even attacking you or your castle. Players can travel around the map finding treasures and defeating enemies in their path. There is limited amount a player can travel per turn. Player travels with their hero and the army he takes from his castle. However leaving castle undefended is not recommended as it can be attacked separately, therefore leaving some of the soldiers in the castle is a good idea. Players can upgrade their castle unlocking new hero spells and abilities, new units, strengthen their units and get various buffs. There are 6 different factions in the game, all of them have unique units and heroes to them with different strengths and weaknesses. The factions are: Haven - Religious warlords who believe that law and order is the way, Inferno - demons' kingdom from the underworld, Necropolis - ruled by corrupt wizards, who who worship spider version of Asha, Dungeon - dark elves society who believe in Dragon of Darkness, Sylvan - diploamatic elvish faction  who are blessed by the Dragon of Earth, and Academy - faction that is popualted by wizards and magical creatures who believe that magic is the way to win. Once the players enter the battle vs enemies, they also take turns in attacking, some creatures counter others and vice versa. When the castle is attacked there is defenders advantage within the castle walls. To see gameplay of Heroes of Might & Magic V, you can watch the video provided below.

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