Civilization VI Gameplay

Written by - Thursday, 25 January 2018 15:01
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Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game from the series that every gamer has heard about. The game is about growing your chosen civilization, defending it from other civilizations and attacking enemies to benefit your civilization. Whichever civilization you choose you start as a small tribe and little by little work your way to becoming the most powerful civilization in the world. Players need to gather resources, build cities and expand them, train armies and develop their culture and technology. Seeking diplomatic relationships with other civilizations is a big part of the game, often it is much better option than to be with them at war. The AI opponent civilizations have famous world leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt or Qin Shi Huang and behave similarly as they did during their ruling times. Making your civilization strong can be achieved in different ways. Some might be more effective than the others given the situation, but situation is never exactly the same, therefore the game requires to think before acting. To see gameplay of this legendary TBS game, you can watch the gameplay video below.

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