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Tooth and Tail
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Pocketwatch Games

Tooth and Tail is an "Arcade RTS" that combines strategic depth with a simple control scheme. Players take control of one of four different Commanders and select a total of six units and structures (out of 24 total) before each game. All army control is done through the Commander, by calling specific units or the entire army to the location of the Commander. Players directly control their Commander with the WASD keys or the left stick on their controller.

With Monaco, we took the stealth game and took it all down to a single button. We then built the game from the ground up with simple controls in mind, so that everyone can enjoy the genre. We tried our hardest to preserve the complexity and depth of stealth games without making the interface too complicated.

Now we are doing the same thing with Starcraft. We start with simple controls (joystick and a few buttons). Then we build the strategy back into the game from the ground up and preserve as much strategy as possible to make it feel like an RTS game.

Andy Nguyen - Pocketwatch Games

The game supports 1v1 and 2v2 matches online or on local splitscreen. Maps are randomly generated making sure no two games play out the same, even with the same unit choices. Players have to adapt to each map to play to their own strengths, and their opponent's weaknesses.