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Survival Arena
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Game Insight

Survival Arena is a brand new mazing Tower Defense game, which brings an immense and unique cross-platform experience. Inspired by classic Tower Defense games, Survival Arena introduces a whole new set of exciting, competitive, innovative and game-changing features that have been mastered to a perfection for mobile devices. It will keep even most hardcore players, their friends and clanmates immersed in the game for an infinite amount of time.

Choose from a list of various live PvE Tournaments & Real-Time PvP Arenas presented in numerous battle arena settings from pirate ships floating in the sky, to ghoulish plains, each with its own layout and rules. Main goal is to protect the base from enemy waves and survive as long as they can. In order to do that, players choose their Hero and build their deck from both defensive and offensive cards. Deadly towers (from Harpoons to Void Rays), explosive ammunition (from Cannon Fire to Flame Tornado), mighty deployable troops (from Pirate Grunts to Ice Golems) as well as various power-ups and passive perks bolster the player’s deck and make possible limitless tactics and strategies. Each card can be leveled up to increase its stats such as DPS, health, range and more, depending on its type.