SimCity 4: Rush Hour (0)

SimCity 4: Rush Hour
First release date
Mac PC
Maxis Software
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Sim City 4: Rush Hour


Rush Hour adds several new features to the original Sim City 4:

  • U-Drive It!

    Aprehending law breakers in a U-Drive It mission.
    Rush Hour lets you get behind the wheel of any of the city's vehicles, from cars and buses, to helicopters and planes. U-Drive It! also allows the player to partake in missions, such as putting out fires, responding to calls in an ambulance, even flying through targets in a stunt plan and water skiing. Rush Hour lets the player reek havoc in any of the military vehicles.
  • Transport Options

    The expansion adds new modes of transport, road types and ferry systems.
  • Structures

    Over 100 new items are added to the selection, such as a news station with a helipad, a light house, space shuttle launch center.
  • Building Sets

    Control the look of your city with one of 4 building sets. Once selected, the city will begin to resemble 1890's Chicago, 1940's New York, 1990's Houston or ultra modern European.
  • Disasters

    Destroy Rush Hour's many new buildings with new disasters! Unleash a U.F.O. invasion on your city, or pilot your own U.F.O. to take out that section of town you were going to demolish anyway.