Steel Division: Normandy 44 (0)

Steel Division: Normandy 44
First release date
Eugen Systems
Paradox Interactive AB

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is the first collaboration by developer Eugen Systems and publisher Paradox Interactive. This historical real-time strategy game is a development of previous Eugen titles such as R.U.S.E. and the Wargame franchise.

The game has a focus on historical accuracy, although it is not a simulator. Units often carry multiple weapons, as they would have during WW2, and these have realistic qualities such as effective range, explosive radius, and ammunition count. Likewise, vehicles have handling, protection, and armament in line with what historical records suggest.

Players do not build bases; instead, previously customized or premade "decks" are used by each division. The units deployed to the battlefield are determined by the contents in each deck, along with the current phase of the battle. There are three phases; each is 10-15 minutes long and with successively greater access to more powerful, or more plentiful, units.

Victory is achieved by controlling more territory than the opponent over the course of the match. The more of the map held by one side, the faster they will win the match. A real-time front is represented on the battlefield to show who has control over which area of the map. Units caught behind enemy lines suffer penalties in battle and may be forced to surrender if pinned down.

There are a total of six confirmed countries fielding divisions in the game. Each division is based on a real formation which fought in the Normandy theatre of WW2. The following are confirmed for the game's release at this time:

  • (USA) aka "Spearhead"
  • (UK)
  • (GER) aka "Hitlerjugend" (Hitler Youth)
  • (GER)
  • (GER)
  • (CAN)
  • (GER)
  • (USA) aka the "Screaming Eagles"
  • (UK) aka the "Red Devils"
  • (GER) aka the "Pegasus Division"
  • (GER)
  • (GER) aka the "Parade Division"
  • (POL) aka the "Black Division"
  • (GER) aka "Greyhound Division"
  • (GER)
  • (FR)
  • (UK)
  • (USA) aka "Indianhead"