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Star Trek: Borg Assimilator
Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Star Trek
Star Trek

Star Trek: Borg Assimilator was meant to be a game, the first set in the universe, an honour which instead fell to . The player, representing the , would build an empire by assimilating worlds and resources to make the Collective stronger, with the ultimate goal of the campaign being to create a stable and conquer the Alpha Quadrent, defeating the , the , and the , among other popular species, in the process.

Unlike most, which fall apart during development or prove to be too costly to finish, Borg Assimilator was purposely shelved after it was decided that a game where the Borg succeed in assimilating all sentient life in the galaxy, even an explicitly non-canon one, was much too dark for the shining beacon of hope that the Star Trek franchise was always meant to represent.