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Control wise the game follows the Blizzard model fairly closely, with commands executed using right clicks as well as unit specific abilities and upgrades available through a command bar in the lower right. Some of the game's unique features is it's lack of fog of war, instead using the light sources on the players' units and buildings to see the landscape and enemy units around them. Many of the buildings in the game are also fully mobile, allowing production buildings to move out of the line of fire while continuously constructing more units.

The game features four factions, the Humans, the YX, NOVA and the Noxx (the latter added in a free update in late 2015), fighting over a resource called "the green ice".

The single player campaign only allows players to play as the humans, and the story is focused on the explorer Adam who searches the dark side of an unknown world for the source of the valuable resource.

Apart from a single player campaign, the game features a player vs AI skirmish mode and an online multiplayer component for up to four players (including coop vs AI).


The game was made available on Steam Early Access on April 2nd 2015 featuring three races and saw it's full release on August 6 the same year, after four months in early access. On September 8th a free update adding the fourth race The Noxx was released, followed by the release of a demo featuring the first three story missions, tutorial missions for all four factions and skirmish matches between the human and NOVA factions.