Hypernova: Escape from Hadea (0)

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea
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Mac PC

In HYPERNOVA players are tasked with establishing an alien colony whose ultimate goal is to build an intergalactic portal to escape to another star system because their current one is about to go BOOOM!

This colony is built on a moon covered with volcanoes, tornadoes, swamps, deserts, poison fog, and most importantly lairs that spawns all manner of wacky and hostile critters! If players want to build that portal, they will need turrets to fend them off. Lots of turrets.

Turrets and buildings can be placed anywhere, moved anywhere, adding an RTS angle to the tower-defense genre. On top of that one has to mine for resources and manage their colony's population giving players a layer of resource management and city building. It is a fusion of genres in a vibrant, humor-filled game.